Whether you're just starting out in family history, or if you are an expert with many years' experience, sooner or later you are bound to come up against the dreaded brickwall!

You know how it is - you have searched every record available, but can find no sign of Great Grandma or Auntie Ethel! And, as for finding Cousin Albert ... he doesn't even appear to have been born ... despite getting married at the age of twenty five and having ten children of his own!

It can be so frustrating when they just don't want to be found!

So, if you are searching for that elusive ancestor ... join the club!

In my experience, family historians are notorously helpful ... and they love a challenge!

So, come on Brickwallers, post your enquiry on the Wall at www.facebook.com/thebrickwallclub and, hopefully some kind person may be able to help.