Tingrith Mixed School

 Tingrith Mixed School, Tingrith, Bedfordshire
Built in 1841, for 80 children
The school return of 1846 shows a Sunday and Infant school of 65 pupils.  The Master and Mistress were paid by the ladies of the Manor - Misses Trevor - and education was free for the children.
The School and School House formed part of the Sale by Auction of Tingrith Manor Estate in 1932.  The property is listed as:
"built of brick and slate, containing Two Class Rooms, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Larder, Two Bed Rooms, brick and slated Wash-house, Barn, baker's oven and Out-offices.  Playground and small Garden.
Water is obtained from a well (with pump over).
The whole extending to about 31 poles.
Apportioned Outgoings: Tithe Redemption Annuity: 1s.6d.  Land Tax (if any) as assessed.
John Reily, 26, Schoolmaster, Eton High St., Buckinghamshire
Sarah Ellen Jane Reily, Wife, 24, Schoolmistress, Windsor, Berkshire
Catherine Reily, Daughter, 3, Clewer, Berkshire; Fanny Reily, Daughter, 2, Clewer, Berkshire; Hoyle Reily, Son, 10 months, Harmondsworth, Middlesex.
Scholars listed in the village:
Charles Brittain, 13; Ralfe Brittain, 10; Joseph Short, 10; Elizabeth Brinklow, 9; William Brinklow, 6; Benjamin Brinklow, 4; George Brinklow, 2; Ann Rogers, 8; Hannah Boxford, 10; Jeremiah Sherwood, 7; Charles Sherwood, 5; Maryann Gurney, 6; Maria Gurney, 3; Charles Gurney, 5; Rebecca Gurney, 3; George Hudson, 9; Richard Hudson, 5.
 Group photograph taken c.1890, pupils and teachers outside the schoolroom window. (Ref Z49/765, held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service.)
1891:  (Average attendance 46, according to Kelly's 1890; 37 by 1896, when Miss Helen Hall was listed as Mistress)
William S. Capell, 42, Schoolmaster, Little Brington, Northamptonshire  (William is also listed as schoolmaster in Harrod's Directory of 1876)
Emma S. Capell, 42, Wife, Schoolmistress, Ravensthorpe, Northamptonshire.
Scholars listed in the village:
William C.K. Pechell, 17; Horace R.K. Pechell, 15 (Listed as School Boys, but I suspect they may have been pupils at a public school, as they lived at the Manor House)
George Shorter, 9; Walter Gurney, 9; Matilda Gurney, 8; Percy C.B. Lord, 11; Herbert E. Lord, 9; Norah Lord, 7, Minnie L. Lord, 5; Frederick Brinklow, 10; Frank M. Brinklow, 8; Laura J. Brinklow, 12; Evelyn Moss, 10 (Visitor, so may not have been a pupil of the school); George Carr, 5; Thomas Nash, 10; Emily L. Nash, 9; Augustus G. Nash, 7; Caroline Nash, 5; Charles Roberts, 10; Louisa Roberts, 8; Lizzie Roberts, 6; Lottie A. Preston, 6; Walter Preston, 5; Victor Preston, 3; Minnie Smith, 11; Frederick W. Smith, 4; Henry Gurney, 10; Albert Gurney, 8; Rose Gurney, 5; Herbert Current, 10; Leonard A. Wheeler, 10; Arthur F. Wheeler, 8; Elsie R. Wheeler, 5.
1903: Mrs. Davies, mistress (Kelly's Directory)