Topic: Family interned in Shanghai, China WW2

Dominic White spouse Emmie (Emma/Emily/Amy) Hoskings - married whilst in Shanghai, China, and had children in Shanghai from around 1900-1920 (officially got married 20yrs after having the children). No record of them coming home or being in England/Ireland beforehand or travelling to Shanghai - no knowledge of why they were in China.
Lucia Tolentino(Phillipino) & spouse Valentine De La Cruz (Spanish - merchant Navy) were in Shanghai, also interned during WW2.
Thomas White, son of Dominic & Emmie, married Linda Maria, daughter of Lucia and Valentine. Thomas and family came home to England in the 50s. Other family members went to USA.
Cannot trace their parents either in China or prior to being in China.
No idea where to look for non-English or non-USA records! 
Krisha White