This is a brickwall the size of Everest. I have LOUISA'S marriage to HENRY WILLIAM BALL in 1851 in LONDON but prior to that nothing. Any help would be wonderful. On her marriage her father was GEORGE FURNESS, deceased. His profession was a confectioner.    
Janita Freeman
I have been searching for a number of years for info on my Grandfather and his family but sadly can't get over the brickwall. I have a death cert for him, Albert Parkes 1940 age 49 Bournemouth and a marriage cert as follows....
Name: Albert Parks - Porter.  Age: 22.  Estimated birth year: abt 1890.  Spouse Name: Ethel Emma Kettle - Laundress.  Spouse Age: 21
Event Date: 7 Apr 1912.  Parish: St John the Evangelist, Walworth.  County: Middlesex.  Borough: Southwark
Father Name: John Rogue Parks - Game Keeper.  Spouse Father Name: William Kettle - Master Builder
Ethel and her family also used the surname Hyde .  I have no birth cert for Albert as i have no idea where he was born and his father John Rogue Parks doesn't appear to be on any census record.   Any help would be gratefully received .  Many thanks
Rachel Parkes
I have managed to trace the STANGROOM/STANGROOME back to STEPHEN Born 1742 parents STEPHEN And ELIZABETH WHITE.  They married St Helens Norwich,Norfolk 18th dec 1763.they had 13 children 7 dying in infancy.  I have been told that they were of flemish/Dutch origin How do i find a link as to where?and when they came to Norfolk.
Carolynn Langley
I'm trying to find out more about JOHN MILLER and his nephew JOHN ROBERT MILLER. They were hanged in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1901 for the murder of JOSEPH FERGUSON. I have had so many confusing tales of this murder and the relationships between the three men that I am very confused.
Janita Freeman
I have a Stephen Odd who in 1902 married Louise Glover and in 1903 they had a baby daughter Louise Jane same name as her mum. In 1911 Stephen Odd was in Pentonville Prison and both Louises died in 1906, can anyone help me to discover if the 2 events were related please?
Lynne Berntsson
Elizabeth Phyllis Rankin...(known as Phyllis) born Jan 1902, West Ham, Essex, to Charles H Rankin and Ellen Lowe...eldest of 7 kids, but was 'adopted out' for no apparent reason, to her father's aunt, Mary Ann Dummer nee Southwood...1911 census has her living with mary Dummer as 'daughter' and she has taken on the name of Phyllis Mary Dummer...Phyllis had some contact with her siblings until about... 1918...then contact seemed to decline...no 1 knew what happened to her after about 1925/6...i managed to find a marriage for in 1928 to Maurice Hewson Wilkinson in 1928...she completely drops off the radar until a death certificate turns up for her hubby in 1948, where she is the informant...she then drops off radar again, never to be heard of ever again!! ... no re-marriage, no death entry...nothing!! ...this ones driving me nuts!! any help appreciated                                                                               EllJay Mac
Looked everywhere possible for a birth entry or a baptism for this guy!! .... 1881, 1891, 1901 census have him listed as 'Henry' .... marriage cert in late 1901 and 1911 census have him listed as Charles Henry....it's definitly the same person, as the address on 1901 census is the same as on his eldest daughter's birth cert (74 Mary St, N. Woolwich)....his parents were Edward Rankin and Elizabeth Southwood .... Edward died in Woolwich 1878 .....
What complicates matters more....1881 census shows Elizabeth living with a George F Rankin as her husband....there are definitely no George's in this family anywhere....so it's not a relative (it also shows another child known as George F Rankin born 1880/1...and again, i cannot find a birth or baptism for this child anywhere)......1891 census shows Elizabeth living with a Reuben Rankin.....again, no Reuben's in the family!!! ......the child born abt 1880/1 has a change of name to Frederick.......i suspect that George F Rankin and Reuben Rankin are the same guy, but they are using Elizabeth's dead husband's surname!!!
i found a marriage certificate for the younger sibling (George F or Frederick, and his name changes to Frederick William), i ordered the cert in hope of finding a differnt father for him, but the father's name on the certificate is Edward Rankin....totally impossible as Edward died in 1878.....
On each diferent census, Charles place of birth changes from N. Woolwich, Essex to S. Woolwich, Kent to Plumstead, Kent............
Is there anyone out there that could help me with this??? Confused??? .... I am!! :/ ..... There is a Henry Charles Rankin born in Islington, in 1876 and this is definitely the wrong one.
EllJay Mac
I have been attempting to find Parents for William Bond.
I’ve had no problems finding information for his wife and children but his Parents allude me.
William Bond.  Birth ABT 1766 in London, England.  Marriage 2 May 1786 Deptford St Paul to Sarah Acton 1766 – 1841
Occupation 1786 – 1841 Shipwright.  http://youtu.be/PPvHigACHgU
Noel Bond
Betsy Holgate is my Great Grandma, She was married to my Great Grandad John Richard Moore (Born 1887) in Scarborough on 16th Nov 1907. I know she was staying with her George Holgate in Beverley in 1911,and I know John was with his parent in 1911.I figure because is was a painter then he was probably there doing some work around his parents house.I know John died in 1928 of TB.  Betsy and John had 6 children:
Percy born 1907; George William born 1908; Rebecca born 1910; John Richard born 1912; Francis Robert 1914; Hilda May 1916 They were all born in Filey.I know at some point the children were placed in a children's home according to my dad,although it might of been a workhouse.My Dad remembers George (his Dad) saying how Rebecca died in a children's home in Scarborough.
I have no idea what happened to Betsy after John died,but I figure she must of remarried as I cant imagine her trying to bring up 6 kids on her own.I have no idea why the kids were put in a children's home /workhouse.I wouldnt even know where to start looking to find out.  Any help no matter how small would be wonderful  
'Stormy Moore

Topic: William John Best                                                                                                                                                                                                      Born 1874 Dorset, emigrated after 1891, possibly Australia. Parents William Pope Best and Martha Jane, nee Moore. Connections in family to the Merchant Marine. A descendant of his last heard of stationed in Salisbury Wiltshire in 1941.                                      Judith Kennerdale

Topic: John Besch                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Can anyone help me? I am lookiing for records about John Besch. He was born in about 1801 in middlesex. I would like to see records of his early life because the Besch is German (My grandad says there is German ancestry on his mother's side and the second name was Besch) so I would like to find out more about this. I know he married an Eliza before 1826 and probably remarried as there is child his born in 1855 (Making the mother 50+).  Another reason to say this is that he is a widoiw in the 1851c, remarried to Ellen searle and there is a Ellen Besch dying in 1858 in St pancras (where they lived) meaning he was still listed as a widower in the 1861c. However i cannot prove this. They only way i can prove he married Ellen Searle is viewing the certificate, which i cant do.  Any info would be much apprieciated.                                                                                                                        Oliver Dickson-Jefford

Topic: Butler from woolwich                                                                                                                                                                                                 My 1 brickwall is Maria 'Butler c1870 Woolwich. CAn not find birth registration or on 1871 census. 1881 she is in the metropolitan district school with nearest living relative Charles BUtler c 1867 Woolwich. I presume this is her brother. Maria married William Pearson 1890 Northfleet and gives her fathers name as William occupation labourer. I found the schools register and it l...ist Maria and Charles as orphans but I found on ancestry some more details. Charles went to work but was returned to the school for bad behaviour. There is no mention of parents. I think the only way forward on this one is for a visit to Surrey where the minutes for the meetings of this school are held to see if there is a mention of why char;es and maria were admitted to the school. However I am at the opposite end of the country so am unable to go myself.                                                                                                                                  Gloria Lynch

Topic: Frederick Edward Beckwith                                                                                                                                                                      Frederick Edward Beckwith, born variously December 1821/26 depending on which census/marriage cert you look at. States he was born in Dover/Ramsgate, father William (Henry) Beckwith, again either a musician or gentleman as stated on Fred 's 2 marriage certs. I can't find my record of Freds birth in Dover/Ramsgate and he is not in '41 census, I have him from '51 to his death in '89. Can't find his father on any census at all, he was deceased by time of Fred's 2nd marriage in '78. Fred was a famous (in his day) swimming "professor" and led a family troupe giving shows all over the UK and in France and US during the mid to late 1800s. Any thoughts/help would be welcome, been looking for his birth for almost 10 years and it is, along with definite sightings of his parents, the only missing link in his life story. Thanks.                                                                                                                                             Margaret Roberts
Richard William Manley Dawes - perhaps born in Poplar......not sure when but supposed to have come to South Australia by 1852. Married Frances Lloyd - not sure where. He was probably in his 20's when he came.
  • Kay Lennox Winstone
  • Hi,  I have been banging my head on this brickwall for ages and seem to be getting nowhere!
    My great grandfather was born Henry Thomas Lloyd in Ellesmere Shropshire in 1871. He was a general labourer and moved around with his job. He was known as Thomas to his family and on all the censuses up until 1901. His last child was born in Bolton in 1903 at 24 Gilnow Grove. My Nan (his daughter) said he "died" when she was 3 years old but the family refused to talk about him. This would mean he died in 1904 but on the 1911 census, his wife Margaret was still married although named as head of the family. All the family had returned to Ellesmere by 1911 and are buried at Ellesmere cemetery, however it seems that Thomas didn't return with them and I can't find his death cdrtificate or burial place. Did he run off with some other woman? Did he go to prison? Did he return to ellesmere and lived elsewhere or did he join the army ( I think he may have been too old for this though). This is my mystery and brickwall :(
    Sue Tinsley
    My brickwall:  STANGROOME /COLE.  My great grandmothe born EMILY WILKES n Everton Liverpool 14/2/186?
    married WALTER STANGROOME St james at BETHNAL GREEN jUNE 1881.  They are are on all the census till 1901 then he is named William Stangroom.  In 1911 she is now Emily cole with several of the children in South london.  I can find no record of a death for Walter or a remarriage for her to BENJAMIN COLE who is the father of the last children Bismarck born 1907 Westminster Alice and Benny Emily dieid august 1942 in Hertfordshire. any help appreciated. 
    Carolynn Langley
    I have been trying to track down my Great Grandfather William Belsey B:1830 in Upchurch Kent (son of Lt. Henry Belsey RN and Mary Elizabeth Cooke). The last I knew of him in England was in 1841 at the Greenwich Royal Hospital School (boarding school for the sons of Navy men). I could not find any 1851/61 Census records, then he turned up in Melbourne in 1868 and married Catherine Mulvin, he was a drover at a property (Rupertswood) north of Melbourne (Sir Rupert Clarke – where “The Ashes” were created) and died of lockjaw in 1878. There is “family talk” that he went to Christchurch NZ as a crew member from England with a brother and then came to Melbourne, - but who knows…..another mystery. 
    Daryl Rickards
    I have a brickwall for James Marott b 1827..no record of his birth..no siblings found either..but he appears on a couple of census as a fisherman on a vessel called the Magenta..also was married to a Sarah Susanna Mitcham and they had several children together..and lived in Norfolk while James was at sea..they did eventually move back to Barking Essex area..I have the Marott tree on public access if anybody wants to have a look..thankyou!
    Christina Fargher
    Charles and Mary POWELL had 10 children all born in Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, between 1864 & 1884. 4 of their sons came to London around 1900 - Christopher, Mark, Sidney and Frank. Another son, Jabez, ended up in Yorkshire. I can find no records of any of them after 1911. Do these names ring any bells with anyone? 
    Lesley Powell

    Topic: Nellie Craydon ? Green                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ok this is my brickwall...... One Eleanor Craydon born 1887 WhiteChapel..  When mother died she went to Scotland...Glasgow she was pregnant or got pregnant had a daughter Helen Craydon born 1906 in the poor house Glasgow. Have the records from the records office.  1907 she gave birth to a son Jack Green on cert says was married to Joseph Green Tailor and was married before to a Jone's 1902 London FIBS...  1909 she marries Joseph Green Tailor ...  Next record is the birth of daughter Annie Green 1911 Prestwich then 3 days later her daughter dies....this is in August.  I have never found her in either English 1911 or Scottish...... So with a name like Green a death is impossible....  Any help would be great ...  Thank you folks :x                                                                            Yvonne Webster Menzies

    What a great idea.
    One brickwall relates the Berriman (Berryman) family. A John Berriman married Tamar Nott, alias Price, of Cricklade St. Sampson, Wiltshire on 11th Nov 1770 at Minety. In the Bishops Marriage Licence Bonds her name is recorded as Tamar Nott alias Herbert (Braden, Cricklade. Spin). She was buried in the Berriman family vault at Purton.  I have absolutely no information on this John Berriman, no birth, ancestors or death records. Tamar (d. 1815) was the daughter of John Nott and sister of Captain Edward Herbert. John Nott married Beata Price alias Herbert on his deathbed at Cricklade St Samson in 1763.  John and Tamar's son, John (b. Braydon, Wilts 1775 d. 1855) and lived with his family at Whitehall Farm in the tything of Wedhill, Cricklade.  Would greatly appreciate any help. 
    Graham Watts
    My brickwall is my 2x great grandmother Lavinia Everett (B) 1848 Newport Isle of Wight on her marriage certificate she puts her father as James Everett I have her on every census from 1871 to 1911 and she claims on all Newport Isle of Wight, I can not find her before 26 Oct 1867 her wedding. I wonder if someone could help. 
    Lynne Berntsson
    my brick wall is WILLIAM KEARSLEY
    d.o.b notting hill/kensington 1871
    MOTHER EMMA TINGLE KEELING coventry warwick 1846-1907
    census for 1881 William age 10 this is the last find i have for him at 44 boston street hackney i have seen his baptism cert and he was Baptisted age 7.  Would be most grateful for any help thank you.
    Kathleen Daley
    Richard Langley Farmer .
    On his son John Mansell Langley' s 2 Marriage Cert's.On Elizas shows father dead.
    John born abt 1816 Shropshire.First wife Matilda Jane Tuck second wife Eliza Blades.
    I have no Idea who Johns mother was and have not found any info on his father.
    This is one of my brick walls...
    Yvonne Webster Menzies
    WILLIAM MARTIN was born in 1818, in Cenus 1841-1891, He got a lot of birth places.
    1851 in Stoke, Hampshire
    1861 in Ely, Ireland.   Help
    Ashley Martin
    Sorry i don't have much info to go on, apart from he was born in 1871 in London City and died 1st August 1936 in Middlesex, he left money to a Kathleen Pearmain (nee Hanson) They had children together between 1912 and 1918...one of them was my grandfather (also named Walter Albert) but as far as i can tell they were never married to each other. I would love to find out what happened in his life, did he ever marry? who were his parents?
    I have tried the census's 1881, 1891 and 1901 and haven't come up with anything :(
    Anyone that can help, it would be appreciated.
    Kim Billie Thompson
    Hi, i am looking for anyone who may be a relative of Thomas William Baines b abt 1880, he is my Grandfather,unfortunately Dad never knew him..all we know is his name and possibly from Lancashire/Yorkshire, he never married my Grandma or if he did there is no record of it, there may be other Grandchildren of him out there, so if anyone with this name in their family ever knew of him having a child out of wedlock i would love you to help me.
    Jeannette Harrington
    Edward Brady was a sea Captain
    Suzanne Hartley
    My brickwall is the family of William George COLLINS, bn 24 Jun 1900, bp 12 Jul 1900 at Christ Church, Spitalfields, son of William and Mary Hannah COLLINS, abode 25 Great Pearl Street. William Snr was a Carman (source: bp cert).
    Try as I might, I cannot find a marriage for William and Mary Hannah, nor can I find them on any census. It is believed that Mary Hannah died when William George was a young child, but I can find no record of her death. I'd be grateful for any help, please.
    The Brickwall Club
    Topic: Walter Francis WARNER 1875-1905   (Update!  Moon has now broken down this brickwall!!)
    Hello everyone, I'm new here and like everyone have a brick wall. I can't find my Grandfather's birth record.
    From 2 censuses his year of birth is 1875 Portland, Dorset - marriage and death docs support this. His Grandmother was non-conformist so assume his mother was too but his father was CofE. I can't find a civil registration or a baptism and non of his siblings are baptised either but they weren't born until 9, 12 & 13 yrs later.  His name is Walter Francis Warner (as is his father 1849-1905 from Kentish Town, London and his eldest son 1909-1977 from Hove, Sussex :D) - his mother is Elizabeth Beck 1851-1901 from Stoke Damerel, Devon, married 1874 at Stoke Damerel Register Office (have both civil registration certs).  It's not listed on LDS. It's not on genealogist non-conformist register. I have no idea where to go now.
    Moon Lustie
    I am looking for my Gt Grandfather, Joseph Hicks's first marriage. Joseph was born in 1854. He's shown on the 1871 census as being single and living with his parents in Glos. In 1881 census he's shown as married and living in Deptford London with Julia Hicks (single). He went on the marry Julia in 1930 at the age of 79! On this marriage certificate his status was "Widower". We assume from this that he was previously married between 1871 and 1881 but we've been unable to find a record of this. Any help would be appreciated. Many tks x x
    Marian Reader
    OK here goes...
    My paternal g'mother, Ellen TURNER, is a long term brick wall. She married Howard Daniel VARRALL 30 June 1894 @ St James, Ashted, Birmingham: father Thomas William, upholsterer, deceased. From subsequent census returns her place & date of birth indicates Birmingham c1873. Mother may have been called Maria, born Ireland c1845. But there are no births registered with corroborating details in any of the B'ham districts. I started going through baptismal records last visit to B'ham but there are some 30 possible venues!
    Brian Varrall
    Ok I have a new brickwall for you all.... I am struggling to find a marriage date for my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother so any help would be appreciated. Robert Kenny (born 1861 Galbally, Tipperary) and Caroline Cheek (born 1868 listed as City of London but nothing more specific). They are listed as married certainly by the 1891 census. Their first born being Edward in 1883. 1911 census shows Caroline's name to be unclear possibly a Jess or Jessamund in there somewhere (?)  I have to assume a registry office wedding due to hime being Catholic (?)   Any help or advice would be appreciated.                                                                                       Nick Cooke
    I have 3 brickwalls which I have been stuck on for many years, so if anyone can be of help then it would be most welcomed. RATCLIFFE Daniel born about 1801 Dover, Kent, England, father also called Daniel born abt 1781 Charlton, Kent, looking for a chr and mother to Daniel jnr and anything on Daniel senior. They were both papermakers.
    SMY John born about 1805, he has his birth place as Sutton, Suffolk but no chr there found. Looking for his parents and siblings if any !!!.
    TIM(M)S Richard born about 1723, he died 1766 in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire England, I have him being married to a Mary !!!, looking for his parents and place of birth etc.
    Thanks for looking.
    Bernie Ratcliffe
    I have found 23 variants on spelling the Surname Steel.
    Anyone looking for a Charles Steel on the I.G.I. index in Cumberland UK.
    Charles Steel is transcribed as Charles Hill on his marriage to Elizabeth Allen in 1757. Original registers checked at Carlisle say Steel. They raised there family at Borderigg in Bewcastle Parish & Blackshaws in Lanercost Parish but, no death or burial have I been able to locate. I have reason to believe that my Charles Steel was bpt 1734 at Elsdon the son of John Steel & Margaret unknown of Hatherwick near Otterburn in the Parish of Elsdon in Northumberland. UK.
    Sylvia Steel Hackers
    Topic: Valentine, John b1862 London
    I know there is one born in Hitchin but it's not him. Mine appears on the 1871 & 1881 with his father John Valentine born c1824 in Cassel, Germany.   I'm trying to find Seniors death between 1881 & 1889 and Juniors birth. No trace of the mother, dad is a widower in both censuses.   Been puzzling me for 3 or 4 years this one so thanks in advance if anyone can help. 
    Clive Alexander

    Topic: Thomas Parfitt Carter                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thomas Parfitt Carter: You wouldn't think this fellow would be hard to find with a name like that but he is.  My great-grandfather was George Carter who married Eliza Jane Collins in Godalming, Surrey in 1889. Their marriage certificate shows George's father as Thomas Parfitt Carter. And that is where I hit my brickwall. I can find out nothing about Thomas.  George was born in Alton, Hampshire in 1861.   Any help much appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                      Jan Spall

    Hit a brickwall on the Jacobs link- trying to connect the dots in my mums family where her Nana (Mary Hannah Burn married William Olding in 1907, William then disappeared shortly after the wedding (went off to Canada we believe for about 10 years) during that time Mary H Olding met a Charles? Jacobs from Yorkshire? and they had 3 children - Charles Jacobs born abt 1918 (cant trace records) Edna M Olding (father was Jacobs but registered under her mums married name) abt 1919 Stokesley, Yorkshire, and Violet (cant find her under Olding or Jacobs) born between abt 1918 and 1920 I believe. William then returned to England and took his wife and her children back to Sunderland by 1922 where my grandfather Henry Miller Olding was born and his siblings. Any info on the Jacobs link would be most useful. Thanks.
    Angie Docherty Anderson
    I am trying to find the 1st marriage and divorce of my father William Sexton Blake born 1926 in Harrogate it would have been pre 1958 and in Newcastle upon Tyne as he married my mother in that year. I have no other info.
    William Sexton Blake
    Hi, could someone point me in the right direction please. I am looking for a James Arthur Saward, born 21st april 1936...... Mother Doris Ada Saward, formerly Kenzie, father Sydney Arthur Saward. from the London area just can't find a marriage or death certificate for him just don't no were to look now. Any help would be great many thanks.
    Laraine Piddington
    My gt gt grandad was a policeman in the Liverpool policeforce for 25 years and retired from there..but the records office have no record of his death certificate, although the police force has a date that the retirement money ended in 1910..I have found his widow's certificate within a year of his "force retirement money" ending in 1911. I am only four people who have researched the death and not been able to find a certificate, and the police force of no further help to me.
    WILLIAM FRECKELTON pensioned 16th SEPT 1889; SERVICE 25 years; DIED..14TH JUNE 1910
    His wife was named Jane and lived in Liverpool in the Everton, or West Derby area as it was known in the 1900s.  Any pointers would be welcomed..thank you.
    Kvn Elliott Freck 
    I am looking for information on a John Manley, my 3rd great grandfather, his spouse and birth or christening records of both him and his children. The 1841 census for Battle, Sussex, gives year of birth as about 1781, a widower and occupation is Army -?? He is not born in the county in which he is now living with his children – Charles (1821), Georgina (1816), Henry Edward (1827) and James (1829). William Henry (1824, my 2nd gg) is also another child and maybe Augustus (1826). All children according to all the censuses were born in Bexhill but I cannot find any birth or christening records for any of them.   The 1851 census has his birth about 1780, occupation as Half Pay Army Officer and living with his son Henry. The place of birth has been transcribed as Thornsbury in Sussex but as far as I am aware there is no such place. May be a transcription error and could be Salop, Shrewsbury? I would be grateful if someone could take a look at this for me and decipher?  
    Many thanks
    Julie Whiley
    I would like any info on the divorce of William George Gough Jefford and Amelia Constance Jefford nee Williams. All I know is they got divorced between 1917 (There last child's birth) and 1922 (Amelia's remarriage). Any help would be much apprieciated.
    Oliver Dickson-Jefford
    If my link is correct then they,re must be lots of 2nd cousins living in the derby area. 
    Karen Villadsen
    My relative John Wain was born abt 1863 in Ridgeway, Derbyshire. I know he married a Mary Ann Raynor on Dec 25 1885 in sheffield, on May 17 1896 they had a son Albert (my great grandad); they lived in Brightside bierlow, sheffield in 1891.  By 1901 they seem to have split up, mary is living with another chap (Albert Ensor) as a married couple (!!! - even though they didn't marry until shortly before her death in 1918).  He (john) was lodging with relatives in Killamarsh in 1901.  By 1911 he was lodging with someone else in Eckington, sheffield.  Albert (Wain) was brought up as a son of Mary and Albert(Ensor).  Wasn't until later life that Albert found out his real dad was John(?)   John was uneducated and was a general labourer - so I doubt that he would have had any money with which to emigrate or anything like that.  The problem is I can't find out what happened to him after 1911.  I have ordered two death certificates for him which have turned out to be wrong. One in 1909 and one in 1941.  I have a full subs on ancestry and have found nothing.   When I search for death index I get no good matches; the only good ones turned out to be wrong.  There is a possibility that he signed up for the war but god knows why at such an old age. If so he could have been soldier 22476 of yorks + lancs; and then 41389 of northumberland fusiliers who died 1917 at flanders. But it is very difficult to say that it might be him as there are no records that have survived, and the museums have no records either.   If this is him it might explain why Mary waited until 1918 to remarry!   So question is - does anyone else have any ideas what else might have happened to him? i.e. where did he go and when did he die? Many thanks for your time.                                                                 
    Ben Wain
    Hi I am trying to find detail for Hughes birth or ancestryi have him on the 1841, 61,71,census Th 41 shows him as a boatman, living in Gobbins lane Burscough, says he was born in rufford abt 1816 He married a margaret Worthington from Ormskirk and I have her ancestry but can't find Hughes.  Interestingly as I have all Voses shown on the 1841 census, ther is another Vose family in the same lane. 
    Sally Montgomery
    Hi. Could anyone please help me find more info on my great-uncle? My grandfather came to a South Africa in 1920 and did not keep contact with his family in the UK. His brother, William Edward Howells (b. 1899, Blackburn, Lancs) is a real mystery. I've found his birth certificate, an entry in 1901 census, and (I think) a reference to him in a Children's Home in Bethnal Green in 1911 (William Howell). We have a photo of him from c. 1920, when, according to my late grandfather, he was an aspiring actor (used to attend auditions, anyway). We think he might've changed his name for the stage, which makes finding him all the more difficult. I live in South Africa, which makes me totally reliant on internet. Advice anyone?? 
    Cherie Wright
    Can anyone help? I'm trying to find the Parents of a John Murgatroyd, born in Burley (Leeds District) in 1796. He was baptised at Leeds Parish Church. Father's name that i have found is James but when i look at possible marriages for James in the years leading up to 1796, that is when i hit my 'brick wall' as possibilities are in Bradford, Keighley and Halifax.   Just for extra info, the names James, Joseph and John do feature quite a lot when i've researched back and they come from a long line of Clothiers...  Thank you :)
    Kim Billie Thompson
    Does anyone know of a Dianne Arnett born about 1962 daughter of Samuel & Ruby Arnett of Swalwell near Newcastle.. She may have been adopted & or moved to Prudhoe on Tyne. 
    Sylvia Steel Hackers
    Another brickwall, my gg-grandfather: William Thomas Goss married to Sarah Alice Young; lived in Folkestone, Kent. Father of Alice Rhoda Best Goss (b. 1866) and Charles Henry Thomas Goss (b. 1872). Residence 1866: 13 Bouverie Square, Folkestone; Occupation: Engineer on a steam vessel; Occupation in 1890: Civil engineer. Can't find any birth, death or marriage info. Ordered one marriage certificate of William and Sarah Goss in Hemel Hempstead (1855), but this is incorrect marriage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 
    Cherie Wright

    Clara M. STROUD, bn. Old Windsor, 1869                                                                                                                                                                            Trying to find more info on clara m.stroud who married in 1889 in aldereshot aged 20.born in old windsor birth not found.
    Peter Stallard

    Arthur J.S. Turner Bury, Manchester 1923; Ella Saxton, Pontefract, Yorks., 1936                                                                              hi,could someone please help me find the parents or siblings of Arthur j.s Turner Bury manchester 1923 and ella saxton 1936 pantfract yorkshire,thankyou.  Any pratts,ormes,foss,clewes,hodson,loader,Beeby,speechly or cooke in your family tree?                 Karen Villadsen

    (John) Sidney WILLIAMS (bn. abt. 1838, Southwark, Surrey) & Eliza SMITH (bn. abt. 1839, Camberwell)                      I have hit a very solid brick wall which maybe you guys could help me with.  My gg grandparents were Sidney (also found recorded as John Sidney) Williams and Eliza Smith. (I know, I know, could I have posibly come up with any more common surnames...arrrgh).  Sidney was supposedly born about 1838 in Southwark, Surrey, and Eliza in about 1839 in Camberwell.  I have found them on the 1871 census in Cambe...rwell, and I think on the 1881 census in Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales.  Sidney was a comedian !  I also have 1 birth certificate for 1 of their chidren, and 2 baptisms as references. The first baptism, for their son Sidney John Williams in 1870 in Peckham actually has the mother's name completely scribbled out.  So....I've been searching for a marriage, and any other census etc information I can find, but there's nothing !  Please help !                                                                               Samantha Buckley

    Ada Jane SHELDRAKE, bn. Thingoe Union Workhouse, Fakenham Magna, Suffok, 1867                                                               Hi here is one of my brickwalls. Ada Jane Sheldrake was born in the Thingoe Union Workhouse Fakenham Magna,Suffolk 13 Sept 1867. In 1881 she was in the Suffolk General Hospital as Maria Sheldrake.  On 16th October 1886 she married Alfred Ruffles, and is named as Ada Maria Jane Sheldrake. The couple and first child Margaret emigrated aboard the ship Taroba to Brisbane Australia in 1889, then went... on to live in New Zealand. They had three more children there.  She then disappears from records, after boarding the ship Westralia bound for Sydney arriving 8th June 1906. The story is that she died on board ship and was buried in Sydney. However no one has been able to find a record of her death or burial , and nothing in the UK either. Her husband Alfred married again in 1907 and stated on the certificate that Ada died in 1906.  I've searched on Ancestry and some Australian records.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Christine O'Grady

    Charles Henry Barnes, born c1845, Ipswich Suffolk.                                                                                                                                                   HI any help with this long outstanding brick wall would be much appreciated.  Charles Henry Barnes born c1845 Ipswich suffolk.  I have found him on 1881 census chelsea,1891 & 1901 census Battersea.  Marriage to Harriet Clara Hill 29/1/1872 living 80 Queens Road Chelsea occupation Mason father Charles.  Cannot find him before his marriage at all. I had found a charles henry Barnes but the fathers name is not Charles. Have the marriage certificate so I know his fathers name was Charles. Any suggestions???                    Kathy Warner

    William HEDEKER, m.Thirza HOE 1889, Fareham, Hampshire                                                                                                                          My Brickwall for the last 10 years is as follows. I have a marraige cert for William HEDEKER(to Thirza Hoe) in 1889 in Fareham Hampshire. It says he is a widower, Sailor age 52. I have not found anything before this date for William ( no first marraige or birth) I have his 2 childrens birth certs but i have never found his death. His wife remarried in 1896.                                                               Pat Jill

    George James FOREMAN (1844-1910)                                                                                                                                                                                    Where do I begin.........My brickwall is rather large, and whilst I have made immense progress over the last two years I am now well and truly stuck.  It all starts with my husbands great grandfather George James Foreman (b1844/d1910). We knew nothing about him at all, and it has taken crazy amounts of time to work out who he was and what happened to him. It turns out he was involved with 3 different women over his lifetime and had 13 children in all.  His first wife was Harriet Eliza Swan Boulton (b1844), together they had 2 children - Harriet Elizabeth Boulton Foreman (b1865) and Alfred Samuel Foreman b1872.  Harriet (daughter) married Henry Edwin Archbold (b1862) and had 5 children - Annie Mary (b1891), Dora Margaret (b 1892), Hettie Eva (b1894), Gladys Iva (b1896), and Lilian Wetherby (b1897). And Alfred married Jane (Skinner I believe). Both ...of them went to live in Canada, taking their Mother with them. And whilst I can find them all on the 1911 and 1916 Canadian census thats where it stops. I can track them no further forward - apart from a 1918 Military record for Alfred. I think I may have stumbled upon deaths for the two Harriet's and Henry but I'm yet to verify this.  The second woman in George's life was called Elizabeth (b1851). He left his first wife for her, not long after Alfred's birth, and they ran off to America where their first daughter was born. I can find no marriage records for them so I have no idea who this woman was.  Together they had 9 children - Elizabeth (b1873), George (b1876), Annie (b1878), Alice (b1880), Alfred (b1881), Emily (b1884), James (b1887), Arthur (b1889) and Thomas (b1893). Elizabeth was born in Newark USA, George was born in Scotland and the other children were all born in Lancashire.  George left Elizabeth and in 1896 he married the third woman in his life. Elizabeth died in 1901 and George (son) was left as the head of house looking after Alfred, James, Arthur, Thomas and Alice. So far I have had no luck finding Elizabeth, Annie,or Emily and it appears the others had all moved on from their 1901 address by 1911. So I have no idea what has happened to any of them.  The third woman in George's life was Harriet Eliza Rogers (b1867). And together they had 2 children - Lewis (b1903) and Lily (b1906).  Lewis is my husband's grandfather, but he never spoke about his family. Unfortunately George died when Lewis was 7 years old.  His mother became a rather heavy drinker and eventually got involved with another man. Around this time Lily went to live with her Aunt, and then her cousin when other family members died. But that is all I know about her, and this has all come from an unknown distant relation.  I have no idea if Lily married, or even if she changed her surname. Lewis never mentioned her and once he left the family he never stayed in contact with any of them.  These people are my Father in Laws only connection to his paternal side, as he is an only child, and I'm desperate to find him a living relative.  If anyone can help me crack any of this, or point me in the right direction to get information it would be hugely appreciated :)                                                                                                                                                                               Zzazz Foreman

    SKINNER - WHITEHEAD, m Healey, Lancashire, 1884                                                                                                                                             SKINNER-WHITEHEAD.  This is my first brickwall.  I am trying to find out what happened to the following couple - Robert William Whitehead & Jeanie Skinner.  They were married 24 Feb 1884, Healey (Christ Church) Lancashire, England.  Jeanie (Jennie/Jane) was born in Scotland d/o Andrew & Jeanie Skinner.  There is also a marriage record at Wardleworth, St. James, Rochdale, Lancashire.  The info I have accessed does not give the parents' names or ages.  Jennie was the sister of my great grandfather, John.  Did she have a family?  Where & when did they die?  I would love to connect with any of their family.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Megan Crews-Skinner

    George GARNETT, bn 1702, Crosthwaite, Westmorland

    One of my Brickwalls is George Garnett b1702 in Crosthwaite, Westmorland, I have lots of information re the name Garnett, and descendents of George Garnett and Ann Simpson of Dendron, who married at Aldingham, Furness in April 1745 if anyone out there is researching the same family.  Chris Goodlad

    Joseph NAYLOR, bn abt 1839, Durham

    My brickwall is my 2 x Great Grandad Joseph Naylor born abt. 1839 in Durham (I think) who married Catherine Barnes in 1862 in South Shields . I have Catherine and children Joseph, Mary Ann and James on the 1871, 1881, and 1891 census living in Durham but can't find Joseph snr. on any census. There are a few possibilities but nothing certain. i would appreciate any help. Thanks, Cathy Bennett

    John STEELE, bn Cumberland, England, early 19th century

    I have a brickwall. It is John Stele, who is from Cumberland England (around Whitehaven), married Christian Kinley on the Isle of Man in 1827 and was the father of Richard Steele who was born in Holy Trinity, Whitehaven, Cumberland England in 1828. Richard Steele died in Australia in 1897 and his son wrote his father's name as Rupert Steele. All records searched in the UK indicate Richard's father is named John. John Was said to have died when Richard was only a toddler. I can not find any reference to John Steele's death in England around 1830 (+ or - a year or 2).  John Steele's wife, Christian Kinley, remarried after his death on the Isle of man to Thomas Cain in 1939, she'd had a son, Robert, born in 1835 (the record showing her name as Christian Kinley or Steele and the father as Thomas Cain). Ric...hard Steele had broken ties with his Steele family in England - I am having difficulty finding the birth and the death of John Steele, and because of this I have not been able to go any further back in this family. There was a birth for a John Steele in 1804 in Holy Trinity, Whitehaven - but I can not make a definite connection to him as the John Steele I am seeking. John was said to have died in a hunting accident.  Diana Steele

    Rose NEWLAND, bn 1898, Acton

    My Story: My Grandmother Rose Newland came to Canada in 1909 at 11 yrs of age as a Barnardo child. Her father had passed away the year prior and her and her sister were put into care. She left three sisters behind, two older ones, Elizabeth and Eliza and one younger, Alice. We have searched for years for the families of these three girls as my Grandmother died when my Mom was 10 and we were l...ooking for a connection. There was actual letters that were kept back and forth to England my Rose and her Mother but my Mom's step-mother destroyed them as that would of solved our mystery. Mom is now 77 and I wish I could find her England cousins but to no avail. I have posted everywhere, sent a letter to the newspapers in England but they didn't post, ordered tons of certificates and nothing as of yet. This is what I know........... George Newland (son of George and Mary (Fraser)) was born in 1859 and married Elizabeth Louisa Newman (daughter of Daniel Newman). They had 5 living children. Elizabeth brn roughly 1888 Kensington Eliza brn roughly 1890 Kensington Rose brn 1898 Acton Kate brn roughly 1901 Acton and Alice Mary brn roughly 1904 Acton. At the time of her entry in the home her elder sisters were 19 and 21 and Alice was 4yrs. This is verified by papers from Barnardo. I found a marriage and confirmed that Elizabeth Louisa remarried in April 1915 to Harry Edwards. I also found and confirmed a certificate for Alice Mary marrying Robert Baden Parker in Dec/1925 in Brentford County. There were other children between Eliza and Rose but they died at birth. Because I am looking for living relatives I cannot find children of Elizabeth/Eliza and Alice. They would be my Mom's first cousins. I have ordered about another 10 certifcates or so to find a marriage for the two elder sisters but they are not matches. I have enclosed a photo of Elizabeth Louisa and her daughter ALice that my Grandfather had kept. The step-mother didn't know who they were so she didn't destroy it. 
    Paula White

    William GRIMWADE, Bn. Combs, Stowmarket, Suffolk, 1837

    Brick wall help needed!  Cannot find any BMD for William Grimwade, born Combs, Stow Market, Suffolk, b.1837 (his is not William Baker or Lott).  Jan 1855 enlisted 1/21st Fusiliers, Regiment of Foot, age 18 6/12.  Jan 1876 discharged, age 39 3/12.  Signature on discharge papers is clearly A W Grimwade, but called William ... On census records William Girmwade is with wife Eliza (Elizabeth, born Dublin Ireland), 1871 in Newport, 1881 in Manchester, 1891 in Dewsbury Yorkshire (west ridings).  1901 wife Eliza/Elizabeth is a widow in Lancashire.  Any help gratefully appreciated.

    Karen Roberts


    Jabez Walter CROUCHER, bn 1829, Aylesford, Kent

    looking for info on jabez walter croucher born 1829,in aylesford kent,on the 1891 census he is in medway union workhouse as a widow.but who did he marry?,not on 1861-1871-1881 census.

    Peter Stallard


    Dennis DRISCOLL, bn 1892, Darlington, Durham

    Looking for death date of Dennis DRISCOLL born 1892 to Dennis and Sarah COYLE DRISCOLL in Darlington, Durham, England. Thanks.
    Linda Laycock Wood

    Can anyone help me with my brick wall, Alma Ethel Maud Fayne born approx 1870 in Holborn/Westminster, marriage cert states father Colonel Cecil Fayne,retired, can not find any records for either of them. There is a Colonel Cecil Fane but he is to young.I've been looking for years, hoping she may turn up in the London schools Admissions when they publish them, anyone know when that will be ?  Frances Thatcher

    I wonder if anyone can help me with my brickwall.... its a toughie and i've been stuck here for months!! I can't seem to get any further back than 1785 when my gt gt gt gt grandfather John Cartledge married Mary Allcock 26/11/1785 in Cheadle, Staffordshire. The only info i have been able to find is that they had both been previously married, and at the time of their marriage, he was a miller. As far as i know they had one son, William born abt 1786 in Cheadle. I have most history from William to present day but am struggling to get further back than John. Any help would be much appreciated :)  Tracey Probert

    I have just discovered this page and I have a brickwall I'd like some help with please! GEORGE HAM CAMERON BURNS b 1878 Sandhurst. Sometimes known as John or Jack. Found him in all available census records except 1901! Married (or maybe not!) GRACE EVELYN HUCKETT b 1881 London City. They had 5 children between 1906 and 1913.  I have birth and death info for him only can find no record of his marriage. Also, while we're on the elusive Burns family his father: Thomas Burns b 1842 supposedly in Drymen, Scotland. Have him in all census records after 1871 but not before. His mother was Marian (various spellings) Burns, also from Drymen. Any help would be great. Thank you :)  Sara Jones

    Looking to confirm parentage of Thomas Mordecai Sherwin Chambers b circa 1827 in Nottinghamshire - found them on the old FamilySearch in a submitted entry as John Chambers and Mary Sherwin but unsure how to go about confirming this.  Katie Chambers

    Anyone for parents of a Thomas Green b Birmingham c 1818 and his wife, a Sarah O'Loughlin/Pike b Ireland c 1813?  Katie Chambers

    Fanny YATES, bn 1845, Marylebone, Middlesex

    I am trying to establish the exact identity of a Fanny Yates whose illegitimate child's birth certificate gives 6 Sherborne Street, Marylebone, Middlesex, England in 1845 as the birth place. No one called Fanny Yates lives at this address. Fanny Bundey does?! The name of her child was Edward Cavendish Yates, my ancestor. (Cavendish middle name, surname Yates). I have more than one possibility but nothing absolute. E C Yates is easy to find once he marries in 1873, but before that untraceable. There are obvious family stories about who E C Yates' father was but again no proof.  Viv Wilson
    Hi, i have another brickwall i would appreciate help with, My Paternal GGGrandmother was Frances Ann Fenwick born 1851, she first married William Huggup born 1844 died 1885, then married Andrew Miller in 1886, she had 4 children with William, Mary Jane Fenwick Huggup born 1874, Ellenor Huggup born 1876, Charles Willis Fenwick Huggup born 1880 died 1881, Wilhelminia Huggup born 1883, and 1 child wi...th Andrew, Ethel Huggup/Miller born 1890, Ethel is on the 1901 Census as Huggup and the 1911 Census as Miller.

    My problem is that i can't find Birth Records for Frances or any of her children, and i can't find any record of any of them on the 1891 Census either, (except Mary Jane who is married by then). Can anyone help please?   Sarah Faa 

    I wasn't sure where to post my Brick wall, so thought I'd do it here! If that's wrong feel free to delete :)

    I have a Great grandfather, he is in the 1871 census as Philip reeves, born 1851 Newmarket, then, by 1881, he's with my great grandmother Frances Ann watson in croydon, as Thomas reeves born in Ousden Suffolk - all future censuses he's Philip Thomas Reeves born Newmarket, although his son says his name is Philip thomas Alfred in the 'next of kin' bit in his army records.

    There is no marriage for him and frances, and he cannot be found, by me, some other distant rellies or the people of roots chat before that. Every one we find eventually turns up married somewhere else or still living in Suffolk/Cambridge in 71/81.

    Family lore on my side was SURE that he was Irish, when I asked my oldest uncle ken what his name was (before I started my tree properly) he said "I'm not sure, something Irish probably!". My second cousin, however, says that HER grandmother told her he was a famous Jockey, called reuben reeves! His occupation in the censuses is Groom, so close - but no cigar!

    I have ordered all the birth certs that are registered for Thomas Philip and alfred reeves born Newmarket (Ousden is only a couple of miles away) and none are right - except I may have one, Philip Barham Reeves, who seems to be the illegitimate daughter of an impoverioshed rag shop lady and a member of the more illustrious local family of a THOMAS Barham. But, although this is the best we have - it's still very tenuous!

    Marriage wise, I have searched for all the names seperately, frances, Annie (As she is called on army records by her children) Watson, Reeves, Thomas etc etc - even looking for Fanny/Ann's marrying men with completely different names - literally has taken me hours - and all possibilities can be found living together in 1881 censuses elsewhere!

    The family were a little bit dodgy, a few prison stays for theft and tattoos etc - my mum also said that her Dad and the whole family (inc my mum, she puts on cooking oil instead on sun lotion when she sunbathes ;p) had lovely olive skin, unlike her mum's very pale english skin, so I'm even thinking of having a DNA mapping test done for £180 to see if his parents came from abroad and I'm wasting my time!

    Can anyone give me tips or ideas? I haven't had much luck with Irish records, as I know there's Newmarket in Ireland which would then make more sense, but I know it's difficult in general to find Irish records at this time. I'm waiting for his death cert to see if that can give me any clues, but what with there being no record of his marriage OR the birth of his first child Clara b.1878 in croydon Wiltshire or anywhere in between makes me think it's something dodgy (possibly an elopement but why then go back to live near frances' parents?) and as his family never pop up in the censuses perhaps an estrangement or emigration, as ALL my other working class rellies are always looking after elderly members and all have at least 6 children each :p

    Anyway - sorry for the mammoth post!


    Jenny Porrett-booberson le Franceis

    Ive it a brick wall,my great grandad thomas charles sherratt b1860 and married to mary anne vawser ,vanishhed from 1901 census,but she was given £250 by her father in 1909,she was born in nottinham but was from the vawser family of march.my gandmother florence may sherratt was there daughter she was born in lancashire,but lived in warickshire.thomas and mary anne married in aston birmingham in about 1980.I think maybe they got divorced,there is a mary anne vawser living back in march about the same age living on own means.  Jane Jeffries

    I am trying to locate the wider family of 1 of my ancestors. The only record we have is the registration of Banns. We cannot find any reference to them in the census, any thoughts??  Marian Browning, Born in 1836 (Clerkenwell, London), Father: William Browning. Occupation: Butcher (Deceased by the time of Marriage). Married to Newport Ely 22nd Aug 1859 at St John the Baptist Church, Hoxten,Middlesex. Lived in 1861 in Rochester and in 1871 New Compton Street, St Giles in the Fields. Died in 1875 in Middlesex. We cannot find any reference to her father or mother or any reference to her before her marriage (birth gained from 1861 census). If anyone has any ideas please feel free to contact me, thanks again!!  Dave Southall

    Here is a bit of a Brickwall I have never solved.My great grand aunt was Fanny Jane Ordish born 28th Jan 1859 in Sheffield. She married John Frederick William Kohn, a German on 10th Sept 1877.I see them together up to 1891 census. After that I lose track. Mean while my gt gt grandmother Harriet,[her mother] in her will which I have a copy of] left a sum of money to her but she named her as Fanny... Jane BELL not KOHN. I have never found them in 1901 or 1911 census under Kohn or Bell.I have not seen a death for JFW Kohn or a remarriage to any one called Bell by Fanny. I have not come across any website or organisation where you can check if people took UK naturalisation. Or did they change their name to Bell because of the anti German feelings in England at the time. If she had parted from him why take the name Bell? ,why not just return to her maiden name of Ordish.Harriet died in 1919.All ideas appreciated.  Margaret Frank

    My brickwall.......George Glanfield born 1847 South Tawton died 1930 Plymouth Devon. Found him on the 1851,1861,1891,1901 and 1911 census. his eldest two children Louisa Georgina c1874 and Renee Winifred c 1875 were born in the USA according to the census records. Their next child Marcel George was born 1878 Plymouth Devon............I have searched everywhere but cannot find George leaving the UK or the family returning to the UK between 1875-1878..........or a marriage of George to Marguerite (born c 1851 Switzerland) or births of the two daughters in America............  Jackie Bidgood-Owen
    Two Brickwalls in my research: 1) John Howe, government agent , later a Clerk baptised his 3 children in Woolwich John Batchelor Howe 1834, Henry Howe 1838, Jane Howe baptised at the age of 5 in 1846, wife Jane Batchelor-no apparant marriage and no registration of children's births-lots of wasted money on certificates for Henry and Jane. John-listed as Gentleman in parish records, born at sea 179...3. Wife Jane Howe or Batchelor should be on 1841 census, not there dies in 1842. Children then with maternal relatives in 1851. Daughter Jane Howe with father later on in census. I have no idea who John Howe senior was beyond his own life ie no family Howe before this. His wife Jane was much younger born abt 1812-I have a theory that he was someone who was of higher birth who ran off with Jane! Wish I could find out who he really was!  Carrie Sherring
    My brickwall: my great, great grandfather, Henry Thomas Baylis, born 1827 in Salisbury, Wilts according to 1871, 1881, 1891 Census. No sign of him between 1827 and 1862 when he appears on my g.grandmother's birth certificate registered in Carshalton, Surrey. Mary Ann Baylis, formerly Williams, is listed as mother. Father's occupation is foreman in a wool factory. Mother's residence is Braunton, De...vonshire. I found Henry Baylis in two bankruptcy proceedings, one in 1867 as a shirtmaker and draper in Ludgate Hill and Battersea and the second in 1886 as auctioneer in the Barbican, London. I can't find a marriage certificate to Mary Ann Williams, or Eliza Flood, nee Mountjoy, who was listed as his wife in the 1871 and 1881 Census. Eliza died in 1885. I did find a marriage certificate in 1886 when Henry married Catherine Weaver. I have his death certificate in 1892. In 1871 and 1881 Census his wife's, Eliza's, children from a previous marriage were living with Henry and Eliza. Some of the children had taken Baylis as their surname, some were using Flood. I cannot find the death of Eliza's first husband, Thomas Flood, also born 1827 in Salisbury, Wilts and also in the wool trade. In the marriage certificate to Catherine Weaver Henry's father was listed as Thomas Baylis, woolcomber (deceased) but I haven't been able to find him in any earlier censuses.  Sue Boedeker

    William Lawson (George) EDWARDS, bn. abt. 1865, Portsmouth, Hampshire

    My Brickwall...I am trying to find my Great grandfathers birth certificate so I can continue on that branch of my family, I have been trying to find this out for over a year now so if anyone could help I would be very appreciative.
    His Name Is William Lawson (sometimes William George) Edwards born abt 1865 in Portsmouth Hants.
    The first record I got for him was his marriage certificate he was married in Portsmouth to a Eliza Jane Keech 9 aug 1891, on his marriage cert he is down as age 26 Name William Lawson Edwards Occupation Fitter and his is father Jesse Edwards Occupation Cattle dealer. I have searched every census for a Jesse Edwards with a son called William and nothing, I have searched for cattle dealers etc. I have found William on the 1901 census living in Osmaston Derbyshire at 26 Beverley St with his wife and daughters Dorothy May (my mother)aged 7 and Ellen aged 5 and his son William aged 3. His Occupation is a Gas Stoker his name is down as William G Edwards (not
    William Lawson Edwards) his year of birth Is 1866 and he has put down he was born in Portsmouth Hants.
    I then found him again on the 1911 Census living in 4 Charles St Gosport With his wife and just his son William Aged 14. His daughter Dorothy had been put on then crossed out ( this is because she married around then and had moved out as found her living in a street nearby) His occupation was Gas stoker & general labourer at Gosport Gas Co. His name on this Census was just William Edwards again he had put his place of birth as Portsmouth Hants.
    I have searched portsmouth records office and can find no birth for him ( I found his marriage though) there were no parish records for his birth, I searched all birth records on Ancestry and all other sites and nothing, I contacted Portsmouth Registry records office and they could not find any birth for a William Lawson Edwards born between 1860 and 1870 or a William George Edwards they even looked for a William Lawson ( in case he was born a Lawson) I found a birth records For a William H Edwards 1866 Portsmouth and also a William Lawson 1865 Portsmouth I ordered these as a long shot but they were not connected as I researched each one right through to when I found my William on the 1901 census and they were nothing to do with my William.
    I then bought his childrens birth certs and his death and his wifes death and on His daughters Dorothy's birth cert 1893 in Bromley Kent his name is William Lawson Edwards Engine fitter on Ellen's 1895 in West Greenwich London he is William George Edwards General labourer and on his sons William 1898 in Osmaston Derbyshire he has put his name as William Lawson Edwards Gas stoker at gas works. On his death cert which his wife was the informant on his name appears as William George Edwards he died in Portsea Portsmouth. 9 sep 1936.
    I have searched as to why he moved about a bit and there have been gas works near to every place he has lived so i assume that is the reason for him moving about. I really do not know where to look next I have researched cattle dealers 1800s and not found much at all. I have no idea why he uses the middle name of Lawson sometimes and George the next, I have looked for a marriage between a Lawson & Edwards in case Lawson was his mothers maiden name and nothing, I would assume Portsmouth to be his place of birth as he states so on both census and he married and died there, but why I cannot find his birth cert is a mystery. I cannot beleive I have all these certificates and all this info and still cannot find his birth certificate.Can anyone help?  Lorraine Phillips
    MAAAAAjor brickwall here.. I have the birth certificate of FREDERICK PERCIVAL SPANSWICK born 11 Feb 1907 in Finsbury, Holborn, London. His parents CHARLES ALFRED SPANSWICK & ANNIE SPANSWICK. Now they are not on the 1911 census but i noticed his father occuoation on the birth cert says HOUSEKEEPER. Now i was wondering if he happens to be a housekeeper in a "Big House" were "workers" allowed to have children with them? the address i have on the birth cert is 45 Finsbury Square. i'm wonderfing where the family vanished to in 1911? I cannot even find the marriage of his parents anywhere, ANNIE's maiden name was CHISOLM.  Tracey Ford
    I am trying to smash down my brickwall with no luck so hoping you can help, Henry Charles Tate (unfortunately not the sir one who also has a father called William and was born around the same time and in Lancashire) born between 1815 and 1825 in Lancashire (wide age range as on census and wedding his age differs) Fathers name William occupation Labourer mother unknown, have found him in Census 1861 and 1871 living in Wales although he married in London in 1865 a Catherine Legg (2nd marriage and I cant find his 1st marriage) living in London 1881 died 1884, he has 2 occupations one was Police and the other licensed victualler.  Nikki Tate
    My TUTHILL/STEPHENS family is one of my brick walls. The surname was actually TUTHILL, which was used for baptisms, marriages etc, but the name STEPHENS was used everyday, in census etc. My 5G grandfather, Robert TUTHILL, married 'Uriah', my 4G grandfather Robert jnr was baptised 22 Jul 1781, Teddington, Middlesex. He lived and worked in the Marylebone district of London. 'Ure' is a name passe...d down several different lines of descent. I have found details in IGI and Pallot's of several baptisms at St Annes, Soho -

    Margt Stephens 1787 Thos Stephens Uriah Stephens

    Uri Stephens 1789 Thos Stephens Uriah Stephens

    Jno Geo Spencer Stephens 1790 Thos Stephens Uri Stephens

    Uri Ann Stephens 1790 Thos Stephens Uri Stephens

    Mary Stephens 1790 Thos Stephens Uri Stephens

    Frances Bridget Stephens 1792 Thos Stephens Uri Stephens

    Thos Stephens 1794 Thos Stephens Uri Stephens

    Chas Stephens 1796 Thos Stephens Uri Stephens

    No marriage found for Thomas and Uriah/Uri, but I am wondering if Robert TUTHILL snr died, Uriah remarried, then Robert TUTHILL jnr, 1781 - 1845, possibly brought up as, and known as, Robert STEPHENS. His children also known as STEPHENS, but registered in their correct name of TUTHILL. To verify this I need the marriage details of Thomas STEPHENS to Uriah. Also, have been unable to track any of these STEPHENS children in later life, with the possible exception of Francis Bridget STEPHENS.  Hoping someone can help me, sorry this is such a long post!  Margaret Wilkinson

    HELP!! Nellie Seymour Hosley .... got her on 1871, 1881 and 1891 census ...born abt 1867 apparently in Saffron Walden ....cannot find birth, marriage or death for her ..... found all her brothers birth entries, all born Saffron Walden ..... fathers name William (died 1888) .... mothers name changes from Emma to Emily on different census ...but recorded as Ellen on marriage entry ..... cant find her on 1901 either.....tried different spellings of surname as well plus wildcard :/ ....all help appreciated :D  EllJay Mac
    Hi folks. I am desperately searching for the birth and subsequent whereabouts of my great great grandfather James Henry GUTTERSON.

    Here's what I know so far:

    - He is born approx. 1855 in London and his parents were James Henry GUTTERSON and Jane MASSIE (according to both his marriage and death certificates). I have not found anything concrete to confirm this.

    - The first time I can find any paper... record of him existing is in 1883 when he emigrates from London to Melbourne aboard the CAIRNBULG - his surname is spelled as GUTTERSOHN.

    - He then gets married in Melbourne in 1885 to Mary Jane JACKSON.

    - He moves with his family to Christchurch, NZ in 1893 and stays there until 1901. My great grandfather, Arnold was born whilst there.

    - In 1901 he brings his family back to Australia, settling in Melbourne's inner northern suburbs (Collingwood, Fitzroy).

    - He dies in 1915 at age 60.

    - He is buried at Fawkner Memorial Park (formerly the New Melbourne General Cemetery) and has no head stone.

    - On his marriage and death certificates as well as the shipping record for the CAIRNBULG his occupation is stated as Currier. This is also confirmed on the numerous electoral and trades directory records I have from both Melbourne and Christchurch.

    Family lore says that his mother died when he was very young and he and his siblings were sent off to boarding schools. I have nothing to confirm this.

    Family lore also says that he was able to converse fluently in five different languages with perfect colloquial dialects. This leads me to believe that perhaps he travelled a lot or was involved in international trade. Again, I can't confirm or deny this.

    Family lore says that he also worked with horses, which would be realistic as his trade would likely include making reins, saddles, bridles, girth straps etc.

    This is everything I know of him. Over the 17 years I have been trying to track him down, I have not been able to find anything before 1883, which leaves 28 years of his life unknown. I'm now turning to my fellow geneaholics in the hope someone may be able to find something I've missed.

     Is anyone up to the challenge of finding him prior to his emigration from London to Australia? 

    Ash 'Detroit' McPhee

    Can anyone help me find information in respect of Martha Farrell please? She is my Gr. Gr. Grandmother (1848 Hasselrigg) / Boyne to 1920 Gateshead, Durham? ) She married John Padget.  Pat Davies
    William Bar(e)ham b abt 1809 (anywhere from 1801 to 1811) in Brightlingsea, Essex ....and his wofe Mary Ann Ward born abt 1811 - 1815 in St Osyth, Essex ... would anyone have access to to parish registers for these areas?? looking for their baptisms.... total brickwalls on both these people....not been able to move backwards for the last 3 or 4 years....despite visits to ERC ...i never seem to have enuf time to search everything i need to search :/ ...would appreciate help very much .... (this William Bar(e)ham not to be confused with another Willian Bar(e)ham born around the same time in Colchester and married to Sarah).  EllJay Mac
    cyril arbuthnot malcolmson got divorced in 1920 to alice maria croce.  Beth Malcolmson
    I am looking for anything on the Wadwell family for a one name study. I have several families some going back to around 1700 in the Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire areas essentially in a radius around and within the town of Peterborough. I am trying to connect these families together. The name also occurs between 1590s and 1800 in the Canterbury, Kent area. Anything and everything would be useful. I live in Scotland and my research is restricted at present to what I can find on the internet.  Linda Temple
    could any one help with information on or relatives of marion lucien hocking..he was a canadian pt instructor during the war in east anglia and after he was driving lorries for a firm near great yarmouth and lived with a relative in martham norfolk england.who has deceased so i have come to a full stop in finding him or his relatives...he is my real granfather but went away believed to be in canada in the 1950s.  Wayne Bullock
    Arthur Bundy was born in 1846 Downton,England and died in 1894 his parents were George Bundy born in 1815 Downton,England and died on the 13th of july 1858 England and his mother was Mary Ann Bundy born about 1821 England.  Beth Malcolmson
    I am looking for Jeremiah Desmond, who was born on 15 July 1867 at 4 Green Dragon Yard, Whitechapel, London, England. My last trace for him was on the 1881 census, aged 14 when he was at the St Nicholas Industrial School East Ham. I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me anything to further my search.  Dianne Prior
    I'm trying to find details of a cousin of mine Thomas George Vidler born 1880 in Maidstone died 1957 Ramsgate but cannot find marriage details. His Birth certificate had the wrong name on which has made it even more difficult.  Darren Vidler
    Almost at the point of giving up! Daniel Cook(e) aka George Cook(e) born c1821 in either YKS or GLS according to census. He had a wife Caroline and the children were Alfred bc1850 (1851 census says Lichfield), Samuel, Lucy (census say Birmingham) and Elizabeth b1862 in Leicester. The only birth certificate I have located was for Elizabeth as it states the father was George Cooke and mother Caro...line Rouse with the address agreeing with the census address. I did find a marriage between George Cookes and Caroline Rouse in Kensington 1849 but the GRO did not issue the certificate due to the fact that every site has incorrectly transcribed the details. Think my husband's family were secret travellers lol.  Pat Cooke
    I have been searching for years for Elizabeth Ann Chappell born 1821 (married John William Hunt bn 1823). On marriage cert she states fathers name Joseph Chappell and on all census she claims to have been born St Pancras, London. Josephs occupation is listed as 'smith'... I can find no record of a bapt or christening. Or even a Joseph Chappell working as a 'smith'.... any spare eyes fancying a challenge would be great... thanks x  Steph Lock
    My Great Gand-father: Mr John James Trattles.... Who are you?

    John James Trattles married his first wife Harriet Clara Bradley 29/02/1876 at Stockton.  His marriage certificate states: He was aged 29, a bachelor, his occupation a coachman. His father is listed as Thomas Trattles, a labourer.... John James and Harriet had a son Edward Wm in 1877 who died in infancy.   Then came Alfred in 1879, unfortunately Harriet died not long after on 12th Oct 1879.  Harriet and Edward Wm are buried in Oxbridge Cemetery with the headstone inscription: "Harriet Clara / beloved wife of / John J Trattles who died October / 12th 1879 Aged 26 years / ........ / Also of Edward William son of the / above who died May 5th 1877 / Aged 7 weeks / ...verse."   In 1881 census Harriets sister, Fredericka Sophia Bradley, is in residencewith the family at 15 Kirby St, Stockton, as a "Housekeeper", obviously to take care of her deceased eldest sisters infant, Alfred.  John James is showing as Jno. J. Trattles, 34 year old widow, born in Comdale, and a labourer in the Iron Works. By 1891 Fredericka is class as John James wife and they have a child John James Trattles (my grandfather).  It is believed that Fredericka and John James (I) did not marry as at the time it was illegal to marry your wifes sister.  John James (1) is showing as John. J. Tratles, married, 45 years old, born in Steers and a Millwright Labourer, still at 15 Kirby St.

    John James (1) died 15th Jun 1896 leaving Frederica with her nephew Alfred now 17 and her son John James Trattles (II) aged 6. John James (1) death certificate states he was named "John James Trattles", 44 years old, a Labourer at Ironworks and died at 392 Cannon St, Middlesbrough. His son, Alfred was the informant. In the Middlesbrough Gazetter for 3 years following his death there is a memorial notice stating: "In memory of John James Trattles, better known as James Harrison, late of 392 Cannon St Middlesbrough, who died on Jun 15th 1896, in life respected, in death lamented."

    Summary:  John James Trattles AKA James Harrison  Born between 1845 - 1852 either in Steers (Staithes) or Comdale (Commondale)  His father was Thomas.....Now,...... try and find his birth!   Interestingly to follow the tale.... Frederica married a gentleman called Mark Parker and John James Trattles (II) was known for many years as Jack Parker.  My Cousin Julie Brough and I have searched high and low for our great grandad - anyone got any bright ideas????  PS.... I've been looking for 15 years ;0)  Lynne Sanderson

    Can anyone help with this one? I am searching for my 4*Gt Grandfather Thomas Grimes who married Mary Berry in Eye, Suffolk on 15 May 1780. There were a number of generations of Grimes's living in Eye but the marriage details state that he came from the parish of Wickham. I researched both Wickham Skeith and Wickham Market both in Suffolk but can find no birth details at either. I have also checked in Eye. I have the death certificate of a Mary Grimes who died in 1839 at the age of 96. I believe that she could be the mother of Thomas Grimes. He had a brother John Grimes. Any help on Thomas Grimes and his ancestors would be appreciated.  Alan Grimes
    Can anybody help me please, my brickwall is Robert Goldsmith born 1821 Tofts Monk, Norfolk/Suffolk, I cannot find his birth or parents, or the 1941 census. He married a Mary (thacker..I think).... children Mary ,Phillip, etc living in Gorleston Norfolk from 1851 census onwards.He was a bricklayer. The 1851 census staes he was born in Cambs which confuses the issue. Any help please ????  Kay Chapman
    I have recently received some great info about some 19th century private schools in London, which were run by John Bone Lewis and his son Henry John Lewis. However, this family are also a brickwall, so I suggested that I'd pop some info on here in case anyone can help. John Bone Lewis was born on 18th March 1817 in London. He was baptised John Lewis Bone (the names had been reversed!), at St Ma...rylebone, London, son of John Bone and Caroline Lewis. John snr was a stockbroker (1790-1840) and, it seems, used several alternative names. John's mother died in 1852. At the time of John's death, in 1895, he was a schoolmaster at 56 Pentonville Rd., London. Despite researching this family for over 30 years, their descendent has never managed to get any further back than JBL's father. Can anyone help, please?  via The Brickwall Club 

    I have a mini brick wall if anyone can help :)Harold Richardson married Elizabeth McKillop Miller in glasgow, 1915. He's born in 1895 and his parents are George and Harriet maiden name Cartwright - but I can't find a correct birth! I found one I thought was right in yorkshire, but his father is listed as a drayman, and on the marriage is a policeman - although I suppose he had plenty of chance to become a policeman in the meantime? I can't seem to trace that couple in English or Scottish censuses either, though. any help appreciated :)Jenny Porrett-booberson le Franceis











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