Gate Helmsley Schools

"James Martin, by will proved at York in 1850, bequeathed a legacy, now represented by £450 9s. consols with the official trustees, for the religious instruction according to the principles of the Church of England of poor children in the parish. By a scheme of the Charity Commissioners 17 March 1899 the vicar and churchwardens were appointed trustees, and the annual income, amounting to £11 5s., was directed to be applied towards the support of any public elementary school in the parish, in which such religious teaching is given, or failing such teaching, of any Church of England Sunday school."

From: 'Parishes: Gate Helmsley', A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 2 (1923), pp. 139-140. URL:  Date accessed: 15 March 2012.
Margaret Frank:  I was looking for my husband's great grandfather in 1891 and was very surprised to find him living next door to my grandmothers uncle in Gate Helmsley . I thought he would be  nearer Riccall or Selby.Fancy my husbands ancestors and mine would have known each other over100 years ago! So I decided to do the scholars as its a small village, whilst I was on ancestry Later looking for my Grandmother I found she had moved to same village, working as  as a laundress . The scholars were even less in number in 1901 so I did that as well.  (Thank you, Margaret!!)
1891 census Gate Helmsley near York
School Mistress Mary Singer born in Scotland                                   
Alderson Labourer [brother in law of my husband's gf]
Ellen 11
George Herbert 10
Ernest 6
Carter coal Dealer
Mary 11
Ada 9
Robert 6
Tom 4
Shother [hard to decipher this one] grandfather widower
Mark 12 his gs
Gertrude sadler 8 his gd
Hudson Farmer
Sarah Jane 13
John Henry 7
Wilfred 6
Moore Coachman
John Tom 6
Johnson Ag Lab
Annie 11 his gd
Tattersall Grocer and Farmer
Robert 12
Francis 10
Clifford Farm Labourer
Sarah Jane 11
Harry 8
Eliza 5
Brown Ag Lab
John James 8
Wilson Ag Lab
Frederick 9
Charles 7
Holland Farm Lab.
George Robert 12
Jane Hannah 8
Scott Shoemaker
Wallace 6
Mackintosh Ag Lab
Edward 9
Fox Coachman
Maria 10
Isabella Harrison 10 Nurse Child and Scholar  born in Queen Street York
Ezard[I think] Grocer and General Dealer
Arthur 11
Lilian Elizabeth 10
Total of 32 scholars 

All children listed as scholar were between 4 and 13 years.
Some older children 12 to 14 not listed  as they were working 
1901 census Gate Helmsley

Green coachman
Emily 11
Kate 8
Sissons Laundry Domestic [ my grandmother was at this address also Laundress Domestic]
Strangeways Woodsmanand Gamekeeper
Annie 10
Harry 9
Elsie 6
Kemp Gardener Domestic
Richard 5
Moore Farmer
Sydney 6 [gs]
Charles 4 [gs]
Paterson Railway Station Master
Richar 14
Hilda 12
Minnie 10
Elsie 6
Total of 14 Scholars
Children listed as Scholars 4 to 12 years
Some older children already working over 12 years not listed