Don't know if this is the place to get help....I have hit a Brickwall on the Seel and Thiel/Deal families. They came from Germany....but it is liked they just appeared in the US from nowhere....any ideas as to how to track them down? 
Kay Seel
I would like to know any info about John Besch. Born 1760 in Wurtenburg,Germany and died abt 1805 in England. Any info about his birth/death would be much apprieciated.
Oliver Dickson-Jefford

Caroline FRANK - Germany to Australia                                                                                                                                                                             Germany to Australia - Looking for any record of my Great-Grandmother Caroline Frank coming from Germany to Australia in 1872-1873. I have the following from Germany - District: Schorndorf. Name: Frank, Caroline. Birth Date: 28 May 1858. Birth Place: Oberurbach. Application Date: Aug 1872 ... Destination: Australia, Number: 801468 and cannot find any trace of her entry into Australia. She married Carl Herman August Deckert in 1887 Dimboola District Of Netherby Victoria Australia.                                          Margaret Hamilton

All we have is great-grandfather Carl Theodore Ziegeler, born c.1843, left Hamburg as a seaman, married Amy Amanda Schultz (from London) in Mackay, Queensland, and died in Mackay as a result of accident on 1st November 1908. His parents George Daniel Ziegeler and Annie Elsebye. Another lady tried to help find George and Annie, and she came up with the town of St. Paulli, but we don't know if this is the right place. He's listed there as a "milchhandler". I had a look through that link, but all it did was confuse me (that isn't difficult).  Frances Thew