Gloucestershire Schools

 Chipping Campden Grammar School
The Grammar School c1950, Chipping Campden
This photograph, taken around 1950, is reproduced by kind permission of
Thanks to Zzazz Foreman for kindly submitting the following information.  Zzazz is an ex-pupil of the school.
The grammar school was founded between 1421 and 1442 by John Verby (or Fereby) and his wife Margery, John died about 1442. The school was rebuilt around 1628. Headmasters of the school from 1627:
1627-Rev. Ambrose Jenks
1669--Rev. Taylor                                       1686--Rev. Morse                  
1700--Rev. Smith                                       1717--Rev. R. Goodall                 
1741--Rev. Lumbert                                  1766--Rev. W. Boyce
1772--Rev. Thomas Symonds               1797--Rev. Joseph Worgan
1823--Rev. R. O. Wilsop                           1832--Rev. Joseph Harling
1835--Rev. T. F. Laying                            1837--Rev. H. Miniken
1847--Rev. Barton                                      1855--Rev.G. B. Dodwell
1862--Dr. S. F. Hiron, Trinity, Oxford, Rector of Aston Subedge 1867
1871--Rev. Joseph Foster                       1889--Mr. F. B. Osborne (through 1911)
1913--Mr. W. M. Cox, M.A.                    
1927--Mr. W. J. Bright, M. A., Fitzwilliam, Cambridge
1951--Mr. A. L. Jones, M.C., M.A., Emmanuel, Cambridge
1976--Mr. P.T. Sandry, M.A., M. Ed, Jesus, Oxford