John Edward Crofts born 1855 married in India 1878 had 2 children in 1879 and 1880. No sign of him since. He was a sergeant major in the royal artillery in Bombay. His first daughter thought his name was John Edward but his second daughter thought it was John Edwin but his marriage entry says John Edward. 
Julie Cartledge
Hi everyone, im really hoping someone can help me.  This has been my brickwall for some time now and I dont seem to be getting anywhere.  It is rumoured that my Great Grandfather Charles Underwood Lloyd was born on a boat heading for India. I cannot seem to find a birth record for him.  His father is listed on his marriage cert as Edward Thomas Lloyd and again I cannot find a birth for him either. Edward married a lady called Jane Wilson Cooper.  I do know that Charles Underwood died in Bristol in approx 1939.   I have found Charles Underwood on 1881 and 1901 census both show he was born in Allahabad India (British parentage).   I would love some help in finding out what they were doing in India?   Thanks
Hannah Inman