John MULHOLLEN / MULHOLLAND (bn 1734, Belfast, Ireland)

My brickwall is my 5th grt grandfather John Mulhollen aka Mulholland. b/1734 Belfast Ireland. Married Christine surname unknown in Belfast 1753. D/abt 1810 in Allen PA. Children John,Jane,James,William,Charles,Sarah,Daniel,Elizabeth. Lived in Painted Post NY before moving to PA.
Bobi Morales

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  • Michael and John Strahan and any Kerwicks from Ballytrasna                                                                                                                               Suzanne Hartley
  • Anything about the Strahan family Galway Ireland? 
    Suzanne Hartley
  • Looking for Patrick KENNEDY.
    Suzanne Hartley
    I am searching for the birth, marriage and death of Annie (Hannah) ADAMS nee CASLEY/CASSERLY born in Newry, County Down, Ireland in about 1860 (info gleaned from 1911 census). Annie's husband was Joseph ADAMS born in Russia in about 1839 but is stated to be a resident in England at that time. The couple do not appear on the 1891 census but are listed on the 1901 living in Liverpool which is also their residence in 1911. I have Joseph's death certificate (died 1920 in Liverpool) and this does not give any further information (a Russian name, exact place of birth etc). There is no will for him. I have also looked in overseas births for him without success. All descendants who knew this couple and their children are now deceased.
    Any suggestions where I go next with this couple?
    Rosie Waller
    Looking for anybody that knew the MALCOLMSON/MALCOMSON in northern ireland.They sometimes missed out the 2nd 'l'. Maily looking for Hugh Malcomson born sometime late 1700s. or his son John Malcomson early 1800S.
    Rachel Malcolmson
    Ancestors I am looking for : all in the early 1800s up until the late 1800s ...
    Sheehans from Mitchelstown, Cork ... Cahill from Tipperary ... Kennedy from Ballypatrick Tipperary ... Connolly from Ballypatrick Tipperary ...Rice from Market Hill, Armagh ... Healy from Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim .. O'Neill from Kings. Co. ... Moore from Tipperary .. also .. GUIDER from Tipperary.
    Maree Larsen

    Philip DEVEREUX - Ireland??                                                                                                                                                                                                   My brickwall is to find out where in Ireland my 4th Great Granddad Philip Devereux and his wife Catherine Murphy came from. They appear on the 1841 census living in Liverpool and have had all their children by now, William, Phillip, John and Ann. All who we think are born Liverpool - but Philip (jnr) did put Ireland on one census. We suspect it may be Wexford or Cork - but not proven.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sonja Broad

    Patrick FALVEY, bn Ireland 1833                                                                                                                                                                                             I've been stuck on my 3 x ggf a Patrick Falvey. Born in Ireland 1833. Not sure where. His father was a Michael Falvey. In 1853 Patrick married a girl called Mary Lundrigan 1837 from Ireland. Father Thomas Lundrigan. Patrick and ...Mary married in Pontypool South Wales.  They had 3/4 Children Bridget -Died Young, Mary 1857 and Michael 1860. I cant find Patrick on any census at all. theres one in a barracks in Kent, But i dont think its him as he would have been having kids at the time. Patrick is a Mystery .Where he goes, and where he and Mary came from ?                                                                                                                                              Darren Jones

    Patrick and Bridget GREEN PEMBROKE, Ireland to Canada, 19th century                                                                                                Going to post here out of sheer desparation. Paternal great great grandparents were Patrick and Bridget Green Pembroke. She lists her birthplace as Ireland in a Canadian census, and church records from Prince Edward Island for their children show Patrick as being deceased by 1860. I find no record of their immigration to Canada, but I know they didn't just "magically" appear there. Any search tips or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.                                                                                                                                                  Janie P. MacBryde


    Robert MALCOMSON, bn 1887, Edenderry, Portadown; PEPPER from Newry

    I'm very stuck with a few mountains they aren't walls anymore. Still looking for my greatgrandfather Robert Malcomson after his birth don't know anything about him. also my great great great grandfather Hugh Malcomson. They hold so much information I need to find them to get any further. Also the pepper family from newry. The malcomsons married into the family but can't find them when they went to America. Help please if you can

    Rachel Malcolmson 

    Good Morning everyone, here is my brickwall that I can't breakdown. It's my wife's g grandfather Andrew (Andy) Flood. All information comes from either family knowledge, Cemetery records or US Census records from 1870 - 1930 Andrew Flood was b. either 1835 or 1840 somewhere in Ireland. He came to the US in 1865 and worked as a farm laborer in Somers NY where he lived and died. He married Margaret ...(last name unknown) about 1868 here in the US and they had 9 children that lived. Margaret was b. in Ireland in1836. At least one of his sons Patrick Henry Flood worked on the Railroad. He died Nov 28, 1933 and is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Somers NY. I have church & cemetery records that documents that.  My brickwall is I have know idea where he came from in Ireland or what his wife's maiden name was so I am at a total standstill. I have talked to everyone in the family and no one knows. Any help or suggestions. Thanks......Ken Merriman
    Here's a interesting one.... 3 bits of information which i know link some how. Sarah Malcomson marrys John Pepper in newry northern Ireland. They have 3 children Isabella 12 mar 1868 William 25 Sept 1869 and then elicia 16 Dec 1871 in ardee louth Ireland. Then no trace of them. Then i have Sarah malcomson daughter of Joseph from portadown arriving in Ellis island 18 jun 1911 along with her friend lizzie haddock to meet lizzies brother Thomas haddock. Then Sarah malcomson daughter of John (josephs brother) arrives on 18 march 1913 to join her cousin Robert pepper. All disappear after. Help!!!!!!  Rachel Malcolmson
    Belfast, Northern Ireland. My ancestor, James Mitchell, had twin daughters, Mary and Jane, born there in 1868. Mary and Jane came to America and settled in Connecticut. Mary was my great grandmother. James Mitchell is my brick wall. I have been unable to find anything more about him, other than his wife was identified on one document as being Mary Ross, and on another document, Katherina Gilroy.  Jane Mitchell's death certificate was dated 1925. It stated that her father was James Mitchell and her mother was Katherina Gilroy. The informant was "hospital records". She died at the Connecticut State Hospital, and may have been a long-term patient there. She never married. The death certificate said she was born May 4, 1867 in Ireland (her gravestone says 1868). Mary Mitchell's death certificate was dated 1937. The informant was her daughter, Minnie McElhinney. She stated that Mary was born on May 4, 1868, in Belfast, Northern Ireland and that her parents were James Mitchell and Mary Ross. So far, I am giving more credence to the birth date of May 4, 1868, and the birth mother being Mary Ross. I believe baptismal records, if any, might be found in a Protestant church in Belfast, but I don't know where to look for them.   Margaret Quivey DeMarco 
    is they anybody that can execept this information as part of their family? or can help

    Hugh Malcomson (no birth details) had atleast 3 sons Joseph Malcomson (1851) Thomas Malcomson who married Sarah Keogh they had a son Robert Malcomson (24 oct 1872). and John Malcomson (born 1846) married Eliza Browne on 31st Jan 1874. Had 8 children Minnie Malcomson (27 Nov 1882) Emmage Malcomson (1884), Malcomson (1886) who married Harriett ? and had 3 children. Emma Jane Malcomson (1883), Sarah Malcomson (1889) traveled to Ellis Island to be with a cousin John Pepper, John Malcomson (18 march 1887), William John Malcomson (1881) who married Hannah Jane Hara on 31st dec 1898, she was related to the O'Hara family. They had 7 children before William died in ww1 on 15th April 1915. Hannah then got together with Williams brother Robert Malcomson (1888) and had 4 more children (1 of these being my grandfather Bertie Hara Malcolmson in 1922. I've many more names and marriage details if needed but would love to hear from anybody related or has come across the family. Espically Hugh Malcomson who is a brickwall completely.  Rachel Malcolmson

    would like peoples opinions please. Have been trying to find my grandad John Collins mother, on his army records he was born in abbeyfeale, Limerick abt 1883. His father is Michael -on his marriage cert. His uncle William is his next of kin on his army records in 1891 so am guessing michael is dead. Its dawned on me that because my mums eldest sister born to john collins is called Bridget that may be his mother is also Bridget- what do people think? after all his only born boy who sadly only survived for 3mths was named john michael.- after him and his dad.  Julie Simmons

    Hi everybody ,it is my first appearance on the Brickwall Club,It sounds very interesting especially as I have hit a brickwall in finding my grt grt grands mum.His name is Martin Kelly and he was born in 1833 in Kilchreest near Loughrea in Galway Ireland.Martins family then moved in 1837 to the mountain village of Killeeneedeema until the potato famine struck Ireland.I know Martins father is called Thomas Kelly and I have a strong feeling from gathered information that Martins mum is called Mary Egan but I need the final proof and that is the brickwall.Thomas Kelly and Mary Egan had two daughters Catherine b.1837 and Elizabeth b,1838.I can not find where Thomas Mary and Catherine and Elizabeth went after the potato famine.I also cant find any Egan would appreciate any help advice or suggestions.Martin Kelly came to England and joined the Cheshire Regiment of the British Army in 1853 and served 21 years before settling in Salford Lancs.Martin married an English ladt Eliza Bloom from Sheffield and they had 10 children and I am descended from the eldest William Kelly.Your help would be great in knocking down this brickwall.Martin's mum deserves her place in the Kelly family history.Alan Kelly

    John KENNEDY, bn 1801, Belfast

    My 3rd-greatgrandfather John Kennedy was born 21 May 1801 in Belfast, Ireland, according to a family Bible entry. He died 02 Feb 1865 in Cartersville, GA. He arrived in Laurens SC 10 Nov 1819; and in 17 April 1822 he petitioned to become a denizen of SC. I have been trying to find him in Irish records online, but only one was found in his birth year, and he was born in March in St. Anne's Parish in Belfast and was a foundling. No mention was made of his parents in the Bible. Two male cousins have also had DNA tests done and so far they have not been helpful. Any help in finding his birth parents will be greatly appreciated.  Sandra Coulter