Kent Schools

 St James' School (Garlinge Old School)              
The Brickwall Club  St James' School (Garlinge Old School), Garlinge, which is one mile west from Margate, Kent. My father and his siblings attended the school in the early 1920's. The school was built in 1860 and enlarged in 1873, to cater for 180 children. In 1903, the average attendance was 93 and the Mistress was Miss Elizabeth Green. The school was replaced by a new building, which opened on 27th Sept 1930. The old building was requisitioned by the Army in 1939 and now serves as a village hall.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Northfleet Primary School

(Lawn Road School) 

  Lynne Berntsson  The Northfleet Primary School (Lawn Road School) was the first Board School built in Northfleet. The first meeting of Northfleet School Board took place in December 1884 and within two months they had purchased a large area of land between Lawn Road and Factory Road, including the sites of the King's Head and Marquis of Granby, two inns that almost stood side by side. Both inns were demolished and a new Marquis of Granby was built on the Hill. Lawn Road School opened on 18 October 1886 and was extended in 1893 by the adding of new buildings, including the clock tower   the first public timepiece in Northfleet. The clock tower was badly damaged in the 1987 storm and was subsequently demolished. This is a picture of my Nan 2nd row from the front, sitting on the left side of the boy, 4th from wither end and her brother  Harry sitting in the front row 5th boy from either end.
Lawn Road Girls' School 
  Lynne Berntsson This is a picture of my Nan again a bit older at Lawn Road Girls', Northfleet, Kent.  She is sat at the back, 2nd girl from the left.

The Old School House, Elham


The Old School House stands in the Square at Elham.   Built around 1620, it was left to the parish in 1723 by Sir John William, to be used for the education of six poor boys.
It is likely that Audrey Hepburn attended the school during the 1930's, when it was run by the Misses Rigden.    

 Ash Tree House, Folkestone


Residents at Ash Tree House (Census 1881)

Catherine Salisbury,  (Head),   Unmarried,  F,   (67)       1814,     Schoolmistress             London, Middlesex

Hannah Manley   (Boarder)   Unmarried         F          (39)       1842                 English Governess        London, Middlesex

Katie Salisbury    (Niece)     Unmarried         F          (28)       1853                 Music Governess          Hadley, Middlesex

Mad’le Marie Dumard     (Boarder)   Unmarried  F          (28)   1853    French Governess         Lucerne, Switzerland

Blanche Benezet    (Boarder)          Unmarried         F          (18)       1863                 Scholar                         Paris, France

Alice Goss     (Boarder)    F          (15)       1866                 Scholar      Folkestone, Kent [my great-grandmother]

Lily Hampton      (Boarder)                                  F          (15)       1866                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Mabel Can      (Boarder)                                  F          (14)       1867                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Madeline Can      (Boarder)                                  F          (9)        1872                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Josephine Can      (Boarder)                                  F          (8)        1873                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Edith Stobbs     (Boarder)                                  F          (12)       1869                 Scholar          N Shields, Northumberland

Caroline Smith     (Boarder)          F          (14)       1867                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Charlotte Smith     (Boarder)          F          (12)       1869                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Evelyn Bennett              (Boarder)                                  F          (13)       1868                 Scholar                         Sydenham, Kent

Emily Dudman              (Boarder)       F          (12)       1869                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Kate Gordon                 (Boarder)        F          (13)       1868                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Maud Gordon                (Boarder)        F          (10)       1871                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Lily Thurston                 (Boarder)        F          (8)        1873                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Constance Chamberlain (Boarder)     F          (11)       1870                 Scholar                         London, Middlesex

Sophia Neves               (Boarder)         F          (25)       1856                 Domestic Servant/Cook Sheerness, Kent

Mary A James               (Boarder)    F     (23)       1858                 Domestic Servant/Housemaid    Rye, Sussex                        

Celine Lewes                 (Boarder)                                  F          (7)        1874                 Scholar                         


While researching my maternal line, I found that my great-grandmother was not living at home in 1881. Attached the census form for her as a 15-year-old schoolgirl at what seems to be a private girls’ school in Folkestone.


It was so interesting to find out the above info, as we never knew my grandmother. She died in 1920, after which my grandfather emigrated to South African and never returned to England. He used to tell us that his mother came from a fairly well-to-do family and had been to a finishing-school in Switzerland. While I don’t know if that was strictly true (I’ve never found any info to prove this), she certainly had a French Governess from Switzerland! So maybe that’s where the folklore began!!


It would be so wonderful if one of the Brickwallers was connected to one of the other pupils in the school (I have entered this info on Lost Cousins as well, but no luck there yet!). My gr-grandmother Alice’s father William Thomas Goss is one of my brickwalls, so would be great to know more about the school and any other info.       


Cherie Wright  





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