Kexby School

A school at Kexby was begun in 1831 and had 37 children in 1835; it was supported by P. B. Lawley, who also partly clothed the children, and there was a lending library attached to the school. The schoolroom at first stood close beside the York road, but about 1858 it was rebuilt,  standing back from the road opposite the church. An annual government grant was first received in 1860-1 and 49 children attended in 1871. The school was closed in 1905 and the children transferred to Dunnington and Wilberfoss.  The large schoolroom and master's house, built in the Tudor style of bright red brick with stone dressings, was used as a private house in 1973.
The children of Scoreby and Stamford Bridge West have attended schools in Stamford Bridge East, Dunnington, and Gate Helmsley (Yorks. N.R.). 

From: 'Catton: Kexby, Scoreby, and Stamford Bridge West', A History of the County of York East Riding: Volume 3: Ouse and Derwent wapentake, and part of Harthill wapentake  (1976), pp. 158-164. URL:  Date accessed: 09 March 2012.
The following transcription of Kexby School staff and pupils from the 1881 census was kindly submitted by Margaret Frank:
Kexby East Yorkshire Parish of St George.
Rebecca Druce  age 21 Schoolmistress
Emily Yarker age 20 Servant and Teacher at Old Hall for the Rownthwaite children whose father was a farmer of 250 acres employing 4 labourers.
Rownthwaite Farmer
Agnes 9
Caroline 8
Annie 7
Elizabeth 6
Kate 4
Charles O Yeo Vicar of Kexby born in Dublin
Rochford C L Bartley  16 scholar and nephew of the Vicar also born in Dublin
Other Scholars and their fathers occupation
Bell Farm Lab.
Wilson 11
Elizabeth 9
Mary Ann 6
Emma 4
Gibson Farm Lab
William 13
Edward 12
Harriet 10
Smith Farm Lab
Margaret 13
Jane 11
Atkinson Farm Lab[my ancestors]
Sarah Ann 11
George 9
Mary Jane 7
Hannah E 5[my Grandmother baptised Helena aka Nellie]
Brighten Farm Lab
William 10
James 8
Baker Farm Lab
Lizzie 9
Hannah M 8
Barrel 6 
Emma 4
Raper Farm Lab
Annie 11
Porteus Farm Lab.
Thomas 11
Raper  Manager of Brickyard
Albert 12
Arthur 10
Alfred 6
Joseph 4
Baram Farm Lab
Thomas 12
Mary 10
William 8
Robert 6
Of 35 scholars
32 were between 4 and 12
2 aged 13
1 aged 16
 Also there were two children age 4 who didnot have scholar beside their name so not included
1 female age 14 farmers daughter no occupation  and not a scholar
1 farmers son age 15 not a scholar1 female servant age 14
1 male servant age 13
1 female servant age 15