Kirk Sandall Schools

1818:  Population 173 - Endowments: There are 31 acres of land, let at £2 per acre, with a school-house and three houses renting £20 per annum, left for teaching the poor, producing together £82 per annum, for which at present 35 children are instructed.  Other institutions: None.  Note: The poor are desirous of having their children instructed. ( Parochial Returns on Education of the Poor, 1818)
1826: Rev. Robert Wood, Rector of Kirk Sandall, bequeathed all his freehold estate in trust forever, to provide a Schoolmaster to teach in a Grammar School in Kirk Sandall.
1835: Population 200 - One Daily School containing 21 males and 8 females in endowed by Robert Wood with thirty acres of land and two houses.  One Sunday School (commenced 1830) in which 28 children of both sexes are instructed gratuitously.  (Abstract of Education Returns, 1833) 
Many thanks to Margaret Frank for kindly transcribing this list of scholars and school master from the Kirk Sandall 1851 census:
WILLEY George age 74 Schoolmaster
Elizabeth 54 his wife
(George Willey was buried in the churchyard of St Oswald's Church, Kirk Sandall.  His tomb may be found near the Rokeby Chapel. George was schoolmaster at the village for no less than 70 years!)
AUTY farmer: Thomas 8 sc
BURKINSHAW Ag Lab: Charles13 sc; Martha 10 sc
BURN Farmer: Barbara 14 sc; Catherine 14 sc; Laura 10 sc; Mary Jane 12 sc; Betsy 6
CROWCRAFT Ag Lab: Thomas 7 sc; Elizabeth 5 at home
2 school age children 12 and 6 at home
Susannah 12 visitor
GODSON farmer
 2 school age children 6 and 4 not listed as any occupation
Jane visitor 11 not listed as any occupation
Tom 6 sc
HATFIELD Brickmaker: Thomas 8 sc; Hannah 6 sc; Sarah 4 at home
Thomas 5 sc
MAN Gardener: William henry  9 sc; Joseph 8 sc; Henry Allison 6  sc
MORGATROYD farm lab.: Henry 13 sc; Charles 9 sc
Sarah Ann Niece 9 sc
Robinson Glew 6 sc
SENIOR Brickmaker
Thomas 12 sc
TAYLOR Ag Lab[nb the mamma was called Elizabeth Taylor !!]: Mary 9 sc; William 7 sc; Emma 4 at home
THOMPSON Innkeeper and Basket Maker: Sarah 13 sc; Martha 11 sc; Charles 7 sc
Mary 13 niece  was a waitress!
WHITELY Shepherd: John 11 sc; Charles 8 sc; Mary 5 sc
WITHAM Canal lab.: Martha 15 sc; John 11 sc; Elizabeth  9 sc; William 9 sc; Mary Ann 6 sc; George 4 sc
The Rector Edin Marton had a school age child Thomas Marton  5 but he was not listed as any occupation.

Head of house is Diana age 80  widow and landed proprietor
Son Henry Yarborough Parker age 36 is Esquire
Marina 31 his wife
Diana's grandchildren are
Diana 8 school at home
Henry 7 school at home
Eliza 6 school at home
Ofia 5 school at home
and 2 babies.
Among all their many staff they appear to have two nurses but no mention of a governess!