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Margaret Frank  Strutt Schools
Reported in Baines 1835 Directory. These free schools were for the children of Messrs Strutts work people and others. Records began 13 4 1818 (Manchester archives Local Studies)
1820 British Boys School Report Strutt School
27 3 1820 ton19 5 1820 Charles Ordish age 6 yrs of Bridge Hill Fathers occupation gardener. Reason for leaving school, gone to another school
7 1 1821 to 8 6...
1821 George Ordish age 8 yrs 6mths .
1821 Belper British Girls School Strutt School Papers
“Wanted” was put against a child’s name when they did not attend school and sent no reason for being absent, however to start work at the mill a child had to read and write. So they may be re admitted to be tested or learn minimum amount to become employable.
Elizabeth Ordish b1813 of Bridge Hill. Father’s trade gardener . Admitted October 16 Readmitted May 1822 Left on December 1821 and December 1823 . Reasons for leaving “Kept at Home”
Rosette Ordish b1816 Admitted October 16 Left February 1825. Reason for leaving “Kept at Home”
These Ordish children are highly likely to be my relatives. I live in hope I will one day prove this is my George

Trafford Park Infant School


Fiona Sheffield
  My grandmother, Sylvie Hickton, at Trafford Park Infant School, 1905...