Long Sandall and Wheatley Schools

Many thanks to Margaret Frank for this transcription of teacher and scholars at Long Sandall and Wheatley, nr. Doncaster from the 1851 census:

BARRICK Shepherd: Mary 7 sc; 3 school age siblings at Home
BOUTBY Brick Maker: Thomas 7 sc

BRANCH Farmer: 3 school age children not listed as any occupation
BRATLEY Brick maker: Harriet9 sc; Sarah 4sc; Thomas Andrew 6[nephew] sc
BRIGGS Ag Lab: John 7sc; Brother and sister Harriot and William both age 6 were "At Home"
BROOKS Ag Lab: 4 school age children not listed as any occupation
BULLAS Farmer: Thomas 14sc; Sarah 12sc; Grace10sc
FARMERY Ag Labs widow: 1 school age child not listed  as any occupation
FOULSTONE Waterman: Sarah 15
FOX Gamekeeper: 2 school age children not listed as any occupation
GLEDALL Shoemaker: Jane 6 and Emma 6 "At Home"
HALIFAX Shoemaker: William 11sc; Henry7sc; Mary5sc; Thomas age 9 was"At home"
HINCHCLIFFE Carpenter: John 10 at home
HUMPHREYS Labourer: George age 16 PUPIL TEACHER; Emma 11sc; Sarah 8sc
KELSEY Farmer: Richard [Nephew] 11sc
LAWSON Farmer: George 6sc; old Brother Allen 9 and sister Martha 13  listed only as farmers son and daughter.
NEWTON Coal Dealer: 4 school age children 14,10,8 and 6 not listed as any occupation
PARKIN Ag Lab: 4 children of school age 13,11,6 and 4 at home
RICHARDSON Ag Lab: 2 children 14 and 9    not listed as any occupation
TEMPERTON Mother status ? Housekeeper: Charlotte 13sc; Thomas  10 was an errand boy so presumably not at school
TERRY Toll Collector: Crid age 12 [visitor] sc
VENABLES  occupation of aunt?: Georgina 13 niece sc
WATKINSON Canal Labourer: Sarah 15 at home; Henry 11 at home; George 7 sc
WHARM Lock keeper: Mary Ann 15 At Home; John 8 At home; Elizabeth13 sc; Eliza 11 sc