Middlesex Schools


Twickenham House Academy 

Twickenham House Academy, (Grosvenor Boys' Boarding School), Heath Lane, Twickenham.
Opened 1846 by Dr. William Harcourt.
1851 Census (HO 107; 1698; 533; 47):
Thomas Royle Quick, 28, School Master, Exeter, Devonshire
Fanny Quick, 27, Wife, Exeter; Thomas Joseph Quick, 6, Son, Exeter; Charles Quick, Son, 2, Exeter; Laura Quick, Daughter, 1 month, Twickenham
Gabriel Kate, 24, unmarried, Teacher, Exeter; Picks Hall, 37, unmarried, Teacher, Waltham Abbey
Scholars:   Adolphus Powell, 14, London;  John Carter, 11, London;  Stanley Carter, 9, London;  Martin, 13, London;  William Swaby, 11, London;  Atkin, 11, London;  William Wyndham, 9, Middlesex;   Henry Cook, 13, London;  John Cook, 11, London;  Arthur Bayntonn, 14, Brighton, Sussex;  Daniel Jones, 8, Exeter;  Edward Powell, 11, London;
Mary Tucker, 23 unmarried, servant, Exeter;  Anne Pike, 26, servant; Emma Pines, 14, unmarried,servant, Twickenham; George Penfold, 12, servant, Fletham. 
Update on pupils:
Adolphus Powell - Carman by the time of his marriage to Jane Briant in 1857.  

21 Earls Terrace,

Kensington Town 

21 Earls Terrace, Kensington Town
1861 Census (RG9; 16; 8; 89)
Albina Enticknap, 28, unmarried, Schoolmistress, Chertsey, Surrey;
Theresa Enticknap, 24, sister, unmarried, Schoolmistress, Chertsey
Boarders:  Helen Locke, 18, Llanghorne, S. Wales;  Sarah E. Foulkes, 15, Wrexham, N. Wales;   Isabella Stratford, 15, London; Frances Lambard, 15, London;  Frances Stratford, 13, Addington, Kent;  
Servants:  Maria Smith, 35, widow, Kensington; Eliza Newary,  17, unmarried, Gravesend, Kent.
Located in what were originally four houses, built in the early 1800's, knocked into two larger properties when their occupants established girls' boarding schools here.
From: 'The Edwardes estate: Edwardes Square area', Survey of London: volume 42: Kensington Square to Earl's Court (1986), pp. 249-263. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=50323 
1891:  Theresa Enticknap was running a small girls' boarding school in Wimbledon, Surrey (see "Gwynant" on Surrey page) 

The Duke of Yorks's

Royal Military School,



The Duke of York's Royal Military School was founded in 1801 and opened as "The Royal Military Asylum for Children of Soldiers of the Regular Army" in 1803. The official title was changed in 1892 to The Duke of York's Royal Military School. http://www.achart.ca/articles/york/publicrecords.html