Our Ancestral Roots


The Brickwall Club  My "A" has to be Aldbourne, Wiltshire, home of my Bunce, Preedy and Brown lines ... and one of my very favourite villages anywhere!!

To find out more, visit their website at: http://aldbourne.net/.

Incidentally, my Great Uncle, Richard Brown Bunce, formed the Aldbourne Band in the mid-1800s: http://www.aldbourneband.org.uk/.

Moon Lustie     Acle in Norfolk - my 6x g grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side - the family lived there throughout the 1700 & 1800s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acle
Lesley Powell   Abenhall in the Forest of Dean. I've never been there but my 3x grt grandparents were married there in 1806.
Helen Harley Aldeburgh in Suffolk - where my Cutting Crew came from
Linda Laycock Wood ‎"My" Laycock family lived in Addingham, West Yorkshire for a bit.
Carmel Reynen Almonbury Yorkshire
Margaret Frank Don't think I have any A villages, unless I count Acomb which is where my gf Joseph Charles Mapplebeck was born but its more a suburb of York now
Catherine Skeet A is for Ashwater Devon where my Northcott family first appeared in 1713.
Megan Crews-Skinner  Ashburton, Devon home of my Crews family before they went to Newfoundland.
Sara Jones   Lots of little Lincolnshire villages on my dad's side - Asterby, Anwick, Ashby Puerorum, Baumber, Benniworth and I'm sure more I can#t think of at the moment!


I'll start the "B"s today with the home of my Rushmer family at Billockby and Burgh St Margaret, Norfolk. This wonderful ruined church, standing in a field at Billockby, was, I believe, struck by lightening in the 1600's, but is still in use today!!


Ooops, Billockby Church was struck by lightening in 1762, not the 1600's - still an amazing church, though! And a useful website for Norfolk Churches:   www.norfolkchurches.co.uk

My 3x Great Grandfather, Joshua Rushmer, is listed on here as the miller at Burgh St Margaret in 1836.
Margaret Frank Barnby upon Don where my Mapplebecks originated..Its near Doncaster if you didn,t know.Doncaster is in Yorkshire if you didn,t know that either
Moon Lustie On my paternal side both of his families ended up in Brighton although they didn't originate from there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brighton
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Bacton, Suffolk, England. My ancestors, Robert Blogate and Margaret Wareyn were married there in 1561.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Basildon, Essex, England. My ancestor, John Sandell, was buried in the churchyard in 1588, and his wife, Thomasine Sandell, c1597.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Batley, Yorkshire, England. Home of my Middlebrook ancestors.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Benenden, Kent, England. My ancestors, John Bigg and Rachel Martin were married there in 1583.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. My Miller ancestors lived there as early as 1585 when John Miller married Mary Pylston.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Biddenden, Kent, England. My ancestors, John Stow and Elizabeth Bigg were married there in 1608.
Linda Laycock Wood Baildon. The Laycock and Thornes families lived there in the 1700 and 1800's.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco Belfast, Northern Ireland. My ancestor, James Mitchell, had twin daughters, Mary and Jane, born there in 1868. Mary and Jane came to America and settled in Connecticut. Mary was my great grandmother. James Mitchell is my brick wall. I have been unable to find anything more about him, other than his wife was identified on one document as being Mary Ross, and on another document, Katherina Gilroy.
Jenny Nelson Brighton or Brighthelmstone as it was known in the 17th century. My ancestors John Daniel and Margrett Homewood were married there in 1623. Most of my Daniel line were blacksmiths .
Christine O'Grady Bardwell and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, more than one surname and family branch in these lovely places.
Jan Heiler some of my ancestors were from BRADFORD ON AVON in Wiltshire - planning to visit there one day
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Bitterne, Hampshire, England. My grandson's 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Ridgway, 
Katie Chambers Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarnsley - where my paternal grandfather was born  
The Brickwall Club  Cardigan, Wales, birthplace in the early 1800's of my Great Great Grandparents, David and Mary Morgan. An outline of the history of Cardigan can be found here: http://www.cardigan-chamber.com/history.htm.


The Brickwall Club   Chatham, Kent ... my partner's Great Aunt was born in the workhouse there in 1889. Info about this and loads of other workhouses here: http://www.workhouses.org.uk/Medway/
Catherine Skeet  Cheriton Bishop, Colebrooke, Devon where my Brimblecombe & Cann family were found & Cirencester Gloustershire where my gt.grandmother was born (Stevens)
Jenny Nelson  Combe St Nicholas, Somerset where my Street family come from. This village is on an amazing site below the Blackdown Hills and above Chard. It has an excellent village history website. Every "Street " in this family was a carpenter and some were publicans as well.  Margaret Quivey DeMarco Jenny - I am a descendant of Nicholas Street who was born in the late 1500's and died 1674 in Taunton, Massachusetts. He was thought to have come from Somersetshire, but I don't know the basis for that. Nicholas Street was a highly regarded religious teacher and was the second minister of the church at Taunton.
The Brickwall Club  Cawston village in Norfolk ... thought to be where the Cawson family originated - although I haven't yet found a link with any of my Cawsons!
Helen Harley  Chillesford, Suffolk for my Cuttings and Whitmores. Cound, Shropshire for my Millichip/chopes. Colchester for my Pyatts. Clerkenwell, London for my Priests.Curry Rivel, Somerset for my Bulpin. Codsall, Staffordshire for my Taylors.
Pam Sullivan  Cardiff/Caerdydd made a Capital the Year I was Born,,,,,,,,,,,,,,http://www.cardiffworld.com/
Margaret Frank   For me, C is for Castle Inn cawood where my Mother in Law who died at Christmas was born in 1917     http://www.cawoodvillage.org/history.htm


Margaret Frank  Castle Inn Cawood.This is the property my husbands family owned and my mother in law was born here in 1917
Margaret Frank  Cawood Church where my inlaws were married .My mother in law was born at The Castle Inn cawood in 1917.
The Brickwall Club  Cardigan, Wales, birthplace in the early 1800's of my Great Great Grandparents, David and Mary Morgan. An outline of the history of Cardigan can be found here: http://www.cardigan-chamber.com/history.htm.
The Brickwall Club   Also, Chatham, Kent ... my partner's Great Aunt was born in the workhouse there in 1889. Info about this and loads of other workhouses here: http://www.workhouses.org.uk/Medway/
Suzanne Hogarth   Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire where my 3 x Great grandfather William Penn was born and married his wife Rebecca Welch. He is my brickwall, there must be a connection to you know who but none of us can find it!  en.wikipedia.org
Moon Lustie   Colinton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colinton and Currie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currie Where my 2xg grandfather on my maternal side lived, I have his father but no record of where he was born or lived.
Geraldine Todd   Chingford, Essex where I was born, a primary school that I attended, and several previous generations went to. Where in generations past one part of the family were saddlers, local publicans, where the local parish church performed christinings, marriages and funerals for my family and where I have extremely happy memories of a loving mum, dad and grandma that brought me up.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco   Cranbrook, Kent, England. Elizabeth Bigg was baptized there in 1590. John Bigg was buried there in 1605. John Winchester was baptized there in 1611. Francis Borden and Richard Winchester were baptized there in 1628. I visited St. Dunstan's parish church in Cranbrook many years ago and remember vines of hops decorating the church.
Sheila Shacklock Canterbury, Morgan and Kemp families, early 1800s.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Chatham, Kent, England. My grandson's 5th great grandparents, Joseph and Abigail Ridgway (nee Bethell), were living at 46 Saunders Street in the 1851 census. Joseph's occupation was iron roller.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Camden, Middlesex, England. My grandson's 4th great grandparents, Joseph Ridgway (1822-1895) and Harriet Covus (born c1830) married at St. Pancras' parish chapel June 5, 1852.
The Brickwall Club   Dover, Kent. My Grandmother, Ethel Beatrice Brooks, lived and worked in a stationer's run by Mrs and Miss Rose in Woolcomber Street in the early 1900's and it was from here that she met my Grandfather, William Cawson, who was stationed at the Shaft Barracks in the town. (http://www.dover.freeuk.com/garrison/grand_shaft.htm)
Jill Trafford   Devonport where a lot of my Ancestors came from and I was born and lived for a large part of my early life. It was formerly Stoke Damerel and now part of Plymouth, Devon. My Warrey line were living in Devonport from at least 1830's most of my Warrey Ancestors were Sailors. My Gilbert line came down from North Devon around the late 1840's.
Catherine Skeet   My Northcott line came to Devonport Devon in the 1860's where my grandfather was born and later in 1913 my mother was born in Morice Town Devonport.
Moon Lustie   I also have family in Devonport and Stoke Damerel too in the first half of the 19C.
My other 'D' is Dublin, Ireland. My Mother and Grandmother both worked in Jacob's biscuit factory (now Dublin National Archives). It is rumoured that my Grandmother was a friend of the Countess Markievicz and, therefore, involved in the Easter Uprising of 1922 but I have no proof. She was born in Dublin North Workhouse in 1870. My Grandfather is of Scot descent but also born in Dublin. He joined Royal Irish Fusilliers when WWI broke out and was medically discharged in 1919. He then went on to work in Dublin Castle in the Paymaster General's Office. He joined the Home Guard despite his medical condition and died of pneumonia in 1940.
Margaret Frank   D is for Dunnington where my Grannie was born.Its a village just east of York.
The Brickwall Club   Etchingham, Sussex, birthplace of my Great Great Grandmother, Harriet Baker, in 1830, and also home of the oldest brass weathervane in England!!!  (Bet you didn't know that!!!!)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etchingham
Zzazz Foreman My 'E' is for 'Edmonton, Canada'. My husband's Great Grandfathers first two children, and first wife all went to live there in 1904 and 1906. I have a 1916 census for them, and even a military sign up records but I'm still no further forward. Need to find marriages for the 5 daughters and deaths. Trying to find Canadian records are rather difficult to say the least :§
Jenny Nelson E for East Blatchington in East Sussex. It was a little village but is now part of Seaford, I believe. My Alce ancestors go back generations here. It's an uncommon surname which seems to be localised to East Sussex
Jenny Nelson And East Dean in West Sussex where my Bulbeck ancestors lived.
Rachel Malcolmson  'E' Edenderry in Portadown Northern Ireland. Where my grandfather was born and many more family members lived am still trying to trace.
The Brickwall Club  Faversham, Kent, birthplace of my Great Great Grandfather, William CREED.  http://www.faversham.org/history/
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Fitzhead, Somersetshire, England. My ancestor, William Rockwell, was baptized there on February 6, 1590/1. He married Susanna Capen at Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England, on April 14, 1624. They emigrated to America in 1630 and settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts. William Rockwell's younger brother, John, also came to America and he was an ancestor of the American artist, Norman Rockwell.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Fairstead, Essex, England. My ancestors, Thomas Birchard and Mary Robinson, were baptized there; he on August 12, 1595, and she on March 18, 1595/6. They married there on October 22, 1620. In 1635 they emigrated to America with their children. She died in Massachusetts and he died in Connecticut. This surname was sometimes spelled "Burchard".
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Fressingfield, Suffolk, England. My earliest known Aldous ancestor, William Aldous, resided there from about 1450 until his death in 1531/2. My ancestors resided at Fressinglfield for over 185 years until Nathan and Mary Aldous emigrated to America in the mid 1630's and settled in Dedham, Massachusetts. Most Aldous descendants in America spell the name "Aldus".  I should add that this surname was also spelled "Aldis" in America.


Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Glastonbury, Somerset, England. My ancestor, Hannah Otis was baptized there on August 16, 1618. She was the daughter of John and Margaret Otis, who had several famous descendants, among whom were: First Lady Edith Roosevelt, the wife of President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.; Nathaniel Gorham, Jr., a signer of the US Constitution; Orville and Wilbur Wright, pioneers in aviation; Elisha Graves Otis, founder of the Otis Elevator Company; and Mercy Otis Warren, an American writer.  Hannah Otis emigrated to America with her parents and settled in Massachusetts. She and her husband, Thomas Gill, were the ancestors of John Hancock, American statesman and signer of the US Declaration of Independence.
Margaret Frank  G is for Gate Helmsley.A little village to the east of York.My Grannie worked there just before she married just after turn of the 20th century. For some reason all of the village housing is built on one side of the York to Stamford Bridge road only. My grannie used to say if things were odd or if people had a limp "Its all yar sided like Gate Helmsley"
The Brickwall Club    Goole, in East Yorkshire (www.thegooleexperience.co.uk), birthplace of many of my Cawson ancestors.
The Brickwall Club  Gravesend, Kent ... the Police Sergeant on the far left of the picture is my Great Great Grandfather, Sgt. Andrews (how terrible ... I've forgotten his first name and don't have my records to hand!!).
 Sylvia Steel Hackers   my gr father Edwin Jefferson bn 1886 in GUNNERSIDE near Reeth n Yks son of Thomas Jefferson police constable & Elizabeth Jane Brown.  Thomas Jefferson was bn in Wigginton near York & died reg Middlesbrough.
 Katie Chambers Gateshead - birthplace of my paternal grandmother's father :)
Moon Lustie   Glasgow is my "G" - one relative lived in Hutchensontown, another in Bluevale - I assume these are areas of Glasgow and my great aunt ended up in Gartlock Asylum and died there. It's really spooky because they took a photo of her after she died and put it on her records!
Jan Spall   Godalming, Surrey, where my mum, her siblings, my grandparents etc etc all came from.
Lesley Powell   Goudhurst, Kent, where my paternal grandfather was born.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Haughley, Suffolk, England. My ancestor, Thomas Blogate, made his will 1 November 1558 at Haughley. He requested that his body be buried at St. Mary's church yard at Haughley. Probate was granted 5 June 1560. His will also bequeathed a house and lands at Haughley New Street to his son, John. Thomas Blogate's son, my ancestor, Robert Blogate, made his will 5 July 1602, and probate was granted ...2 August 1602. He left a bequest of 30 pounds to be paid to his wife, Marie, within the porch or steeple of the parish church of Haughley. Most Blogate descendants in America spell the surname, Blodgett. One descendant, started a business in 1848 which still exists today: The G. S. Blodgett Corporation of Burlington, Vermont, is a leading manufacturer of pizza ovens.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Halifax, Yorkshire, England. My ancestor, Thomas Shaw, married Sybil Mason at Halifax 4 October 1562. She was baptized there 3 February 1539/40, the daughter of Thomas and Jenet Mason. Thomas Shaw was buried at Halifax 14 March 1574/5. Their son, my ancestor, Thomas Shaw, was baptized at Halifax 30 January 1562/3. His second wife, my ancestor, Elizabeth Longbotham was baptized at Halifax 13 ...October 1560. Thomas was buried at Halifax January 1599/1600. Elizabeth was buried at Halifax 15 July 1624. Their son, my ancestor, Abraham Shaw, was baptized at Halifax 2 April 1592. He married Bridget Best 24 June 1616 at Halifax. She was baptized there 9 April 1592. Their son, my ancestor, John Shaw, was baptized at Halifax 23 March 1630. The Shaw family emigrated to America c1635 and settled in Massachusetts.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England. My ancestor, Isaac Perkins, was baptized there 26 January 1611/2. He and his wife, Susanna, emigrated to America and were living in Ipswich, Massachusetts, by 1637.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England. My ancestors, James Draper and Miriam Stansfield, married there on 21 April 1646. They came to America sometime between 1647 and 1650 and settled in Massachusetts. Among their descendants are Charles Lewis Tiffany, the New York jeweler, and his son, Louis Comfort Tiffany, the stained-glass designer.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  High Halden, Kent. My ancestor, Peter Branch, was baptized at High Halden 27 February 1596. He married Elizabeth Gillame there on 14 Jan 1623/4. She was buried there 9 August 1632. He married 2) Mildred _____. She was buried there 20 September 1637. In the Spring of 1638, Peter Branch boarded the ship "Castle" with his young son, John. During the voyage, Peter Branch became ill. He made his will aboard the vessel on 16 June 1638. He then died and was buried at sea. John Branch, my ancestor, was raised by a fellow "Castle" passenger, Thomas Wilborne/Wilburn, in Massachusetts.
Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Headcorn, Kent, England. My ancestor, Matthew Borden, resided in Headcorn and made his will there 26 September 1620. His son, Richard Borden, was baptized at Headcorn 22 February 1595/6. Richard Borden married Joan Fowle, and in the Spring of 1635 they and their children boarded the ship "Elizabeth & Ann" and sailed for America, settling at Portsmouth, Rhode Island. One famous descendant, Gail Borden III, was the inventor of condensed milk and founder of the Borden Milk Company; and one infamous descendant, Lizzie Borden, who was charged with killing her father and stepmother with an axe in 1892; she was tried and acquitted. For those interested in Lizzie, the newspapers of the time published very detailed reports of the trial's proceedings. For mystery fans, they make for fascinating reading. I believe you can find these online.When I was a little girl (back in the 1950's), we used to sing a little ditty about her.‎"Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one."
The Brickwall Club  Holloway, London, birthplace of my Great Aunt, Grace Sophia Preedy.
Moon Lustie  My paternal grandmother's family original came from a few villages in Norfolk, one of which was Hemblington http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemblington. Then as work began to get difficult they mov...ed out to London, one member went to Hackney. Then the last major move was to Brighton and Hove where my father was born http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hove. During the early years of his marriage they moved around, one place in Sussex they lived was Hassocks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassocks and finally ended up at Haywards Heath which is where I was born http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haywards_Heath
Jenny Porrett-booberson le Franceis  Mine is 'Hackney Union Workshouse/School' where my Great Grandfather and his sister had to go when their parents had a messy seperation (it made the Times newsaper!)
 Islington, London, where my Grandmother's Preedy family lived during the 19th century.
    Jane Jeffries my nanny langley 's maiden name was bessie catt and she was from islington,they where a big family of catts
    Margaret Frank The best I can come up with for "I" is my husband,s grandmother was born in Ireland. Not exactly a village.Sorry.
    The Brickwall Club  Ilketshall St Lawrence. My Chandler family came from there, before emigrating to Prince Edward Island. Had completely forgotten about them until I came across this link just now: http://www.islandregister.com/chandler1.html
    Moon Lustie   My great grand Uncle lived in Sidney St in Islington in 1881. Can't find him in 1891 but he ended up in Hanwell Asylum and died there but his family must have still been in the area as he was buried in Finchley Burial Ground, St Mary Islington.
  • Moon Lustie Inverness where my great grandfather was discharged from the army - there were two children born around that time in Scotland and they may have been born there too but I can't find any record of them at the moment.
    Geraldine Todd  Jarrow easy one for me, my father came from Tyneside and some family lived in this area and no doubt some of them would have been on the Jarrow march. http://boards.ancestry.com/surnames.jarrow/2/mb.ashx
    Margaret Frank I thought of Jarrow too for some of my aunts and uncles.They were people who married my mothers siblings in York. Whats more they all seemed to be related themselves as first cousins mostly.So what relationship they became when they were sisters and brothers in law and why they all came down to York is another mini brickwall.
    The Brickwall Club  West Kensington, home of one line of my Rushmer family (originated in Norfolk).
    Geraldine Todd   Kings Lynn Norfolk, where some of my husband's family came from
    Margaret Frank I can't think of any K villages in my tree.I,d like to think my Kettlewells originated in the village of that name in Yorkshire Dales.Its the prettiest of villages with an annual Scarecrow festival.Well worth a visit to see that.link is at www.kettlewellscarecrowfestival.co.uk
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Keighley, Yorkshire, England. My ancestors, Marmaduke Horseman and Martha Blakeborough were married at Keighley 4 September 1634. Their son, Marmaduke Horseman, married Mary Frances c1658. They became Quakers and sailed from Hull, England, in 1677 on the fly boat "Martha" and settled in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Many Quakers settled in New Jersey because it was very tolerant. Some of my NJ Quaker families came down from New England, where they were persecuted by the Puritans. The Puritans in New England did not tolerate any devia...tion from accepted religious thought and fined, whipped, or exiled any dissenters; in a few cases, they even executed them! The Dutch in New Jersey were more accepting of religious diversity.
    Moon Lustie Kentish Town in London my paternal 2x great grandfather and his family lived there throughout the mid-late 1800s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kentish_Town.  Another member of another family had a brief encounter with Kilburn.

    Sylvia Steel Hackers Lancelot Caperbillity Browne was bn KIIRKHARL. then theres Kirkwhelpington. I have Kilburn near Byland Abby North Yks..Brill surname Mary Bosomworth who m Wm Benson.

    My lot were mainly peasants & coalminers, but I could be surprised if only I could find a link with my John Steel & Katherine Brown ancestors living at Hatherwick in Elsdon Northumberland. Lancelot Browne's family were from Elsdon & he must have been sent to a boarding school in Blyth, but that was long before the census.
    The Brickwall Club  Lancaster ... home to the clock and watchmaker branch of my Cawson line. There were several clock makers in the family, based in both Lancaster and Liverpool in the late 1700's. Have been searching for a clock or watch made by them for years but, unfortunately, the only time I ever found one it was too tall to fit in my cottage!!!
    Catherine Skeet Three generations of my Rowe family were born in Lanlivery Cornwall.
    Fiona Sheffield Lewisham..where my Father was born in 1918..it was a bit different then..:)
    Moon Lustie   Lewisham and Little Plumstead which is in Norfolk
    Jenny Nelson  My "L"s are Launceston and two tiny villages nearby-Lawhitton and Lezant where my Nute ancestors came from. I was very lucky to find a little book about Lezant parish in an Oxfam shop a couple of years ago.Cornwall OPC site is really good for people with Cornish ancestry.
    Margaret Frank   Lockington in East Yorkshire is where some of Grahams cousins farmed My L is hardly a village.My Great grandfather was a waiter in an hotel there for a while. Its called Liverpool.Wonder if he served any of the Beatles ancestors?
    Sylvia Steel Hackers I have Linton on Ouse near York where my gr gr gr grandmother Elizabeth Gowland wife of John Arnett in Easingwold Elizabeth was born 1901 according to all the census .That was a brick wall many years ago I have had to accept she was born in Poppleton & bp at St Mary Bishophill Junior York She must have lived in Linton on Ouse since being a baby she was married from Linton at Newton on Ouse.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  London, England. My ancestor, Henry Robinson, the son of Richard Robinson and Anne Withers, was baptized at All Hallows parish church in London on April 4, 1557. He spent most of his life in Terling and Fairstead, Essex. He and his wife had a large family. One of their daughters, Mary, married Thomas Birchard and emigrated to America in 1635. Thomas and Mary Birchard have many descendants in America.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Lydd, Kent, England. My ancestor, Joan Adam, was baptized there on April 10, 1544. She married James Martin there July 27, 1562. They both were buried at Lydd - she in 1582 and he in 1583. My ancestor, their daughter Rachel Martin, was baptized at Lydd June 17, 1565. Joan and Martin had famous descendants, including Don Alfonso Jaime Marcelino Manuel Victor Maria de Burbon y Dampierre, Duke of Cadiz, and the legitimate heir to the thrones of Spain and France; Katherine Lee Bates, the lyricist of "America the Beautiful"; and the actresses Lillian and Dorothy Gish.
    The Brickwall Club  Ludham,... Norfolk (Rushmer),
    The Brickwall Club  Margate, Kent, where some of my Brooks line were born, in the delightfully named Love Lane!
    Robin Reynell  Mullingar, in County Westmeath Ireland. Where Castle Reynell used to be. Then used some bricks and built Ballnagal spelled wrong off the top of my head.  This is where my GGGrandfather is from and I am trying to prove his parents.  Robert Francis REYNELL
    Jan Spall Minstead, Hampshire - a beautiful little village in the New Forest.
    Moon Lustie Melcombe Regis - my grand uncle was married there - quite an interesting little history and wikipedia shows the church where he was married http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melcombe_Regis
    Jan Spall Medstead, Hampshire.
    Margaret Frank M for Manchester and Matlock.Both places my 2x gt grandmother Harriet Ordish nee Wall lived in for a while.She appears to have been a dress maker in 1871 at Matlock but in 1881 she was a restaurant keeper in London Road Manchester which is near the Railway station so I guess she might have been kept busy with Victorian Commuters.
    Sylvia Steel Hackers Mine is for Medomsley Co.Durham grandad Wm Steel bn there Middlesbrough ware some of his kin moved to
    The Brickwall Club  Maidstone (Howard and Brooks) and Marylebone for my Grandfather's family of Peet - mostly boot and shoe makers, lived at the end of the 19th century in Peabody Buildings (http://www.lyons-family.co.uk/Lyons/bermondsey-history/Lyons-homes-bermondsey/peabody/peabody-buildings.htm - not the one my Grandfather was in, but an interesting history of the Trust).
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Maldon, Essex, England. My ancestor, John Pratt, was an alderman in Maldon 1595-1605, and was buried there 30 July 1619. His son, Richard Pratt, was baptized at Maldon 29 June 1615, and emigrated to Massachusetts in 1638
    Katie Chambers Mosbrough, Derbyshire - the birthplace of my 3 x great grandmother Naomi O'Brien in 1825
    Kathy Warner  Neithrop in oxfordshire.  My grandmother was born there. Her father was a cooper as was her grandfather and her uncle. They moved from London ( limehouse) and stayed in Neithrop for about 10years after which the returned to London. Any information on Neithrop would be much appreciated.
    Zzazz Foreman Neithrop is an area in Banbury, Oxfordshire. It was a small market town, but has extended outwards quite considerably, so not quite so small anymore! I live just outside of Banbury and know it well, and my husband also has family on both sides that resided in Neithrop.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neithrop
    The Brickwall Club  Norton and Newnham, both in Kent, for my Creed family and pretty much anywhere in Norfolk (well, not anywhere, but I do seem to have lots of Norfolk places!) - mostly for my Rushmer and Flowerday families. Maidstone (Howard and Brooks) and Marylebone for my Grandfather's family of Peet - mostly boot and shoe makers, lived at the end of the 19th century in Peabody Buildings (http://www.lyons-family.co.uk/Lyons/bermondsey-history/Lyons-homes-bermondsey/peabody/peabody-buildings.htm - not the one my Grandfather was in, but an interesting history of the trust).
    Moon Lustie Morning :o) - three "N"s today: Newmarket, Cambridgeshire (allegedly but can't find them); Norwich and Norwood in London
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  North Benfleet, Essex. My Lake ancestors lived there in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. John Lake, of Great Fanton Hall, North Benfleet, was buried there 10 December 1612, and his wife, Elizabeth (Sandell) Lake was buried there 4 May 1616. Their son, John Lake, junior, inherited Great Fanton Hall. Some time between 1631 and 1635, John's wife, Margaret, left him and sailed to America, taking two of their daughters. Margaret had influential connections in America. Her step-father was the respected but ill-fated Rev. Hugh Peters; one of her brother-in-laws was the Governor of Connecticut, and another was the Deputy Governor of Massachusetts.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Norwich, Norfolk, England. My ancestors, Margaret Barrett and Simon Huntington, married at Norwich 11 May 1623. (She was the daughter of Christopher Barrett who later became mayor of Norwich in 1634.) In 1629, Simon Huntington, of the parish of St. Simon and Jude, was censored by the bishop "for that he doth not use to stand up at the Creed, nor bow at the name of Jesus". These were typical Puritan infractions. In 1633 Simon and Margaret Huntington, with their children, boarded a ship bound for America. While crossing the Atlantic, Simon died of smallpox and was buried at sea. Margaret settled in Massachusetts, married again, and moved to Connecticut, where she died.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Nazeing, Essex, England. My ancestors, with the surnames Peacock, Alger/Algor, Sybthorpe, and Eliot resided there for many years in the 16th and 17th centuries. Lettice Alger/Algor, the daughter of Francis Alger/Algor and Lettice Peacock, was baptized at Nazeing 22 March 1578/9. Lettice married Bennet Eliot. Their children were baptized at Nazeing, and nearly all of them emigrated to America, s...ettling in Massachusetts. I am descended from two of these children, brothers Philip and Francis Eliot. Another brother, Rev. John Eliot, became very famous in Massachusetts. He became embroiled in the Anne Hutchinson controversy, published a book in 1650, learned the local Native American language and published the Bible in that language in 1663. Because of his work converting the Native Americans to Christianity, he became known at "The Apostle to the Indians".
    Margaret Frank One gt gt gm born Nunnington Yorkshire but think it may be a transcription error as every one else at that time came from Dunnington yorkshire.Both Yorkshire villages but quite some distance apart before todays transport systems made travel easy.
    Sylvia Steel Hackers  Hello My N is for Newcastle upon Tyne in Northuberland. We have a brilliant City Library. Unbelievable archives at Blandford House. The Lit & Phil. The The Northumberland & Durham Family History Society again is brilliant. I have too many rels surnames to list hear. I can recommend many books on local history, this one R. J. Charleton's History of Newcastle upon Tyne. The history of the city & its people is fascinating, helps one understand the movement of folk when one hits a brick wall. We have the remains of the old City Wall & its history & its people from the past to the present day. Too far back in history are the Romans.
    Katie Chambers Neath, Glamorgan... where my maternal grandmother was born
    The Brickwall Club   "O" for Oxborough. An interesting one, this. My ancestor, Hurion Flowerday Rushmer was the Vicar of Oxborough Church in the mid-1900's. In 1948 the spire suddenly collapsed, leaving him with the job of having to raise money to replace it, as can be seen from this flier!
    Moon Lustie One of the families attached to my tree come from Osmington in Dorset, nr Weymouth. I've never been there but it looks very picturesque from this website - http://www.imagesofdorset.org.uk/Dorset/073/intro.htm
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Olney, Buckinghamshire, England. My ancestors, William Purrier and Alice Knight married at Olney 21 February 1621. In 1635 they embarked on the ship, Hopewell, bound for Massachusetts. They were with a group led by Rev. William Worcester, who had been dismissed as rector from their parish. The Purriers settled in Massachusetts at first, but then moved to Southold, Long Island. One of their descendants was Warren G. Harding, President of the United States.
    Margaret Frank  O for Ormskirk [2x gt grandma and two of her sons lived there a short while] 
    The Brickwall Club  Right, "P" today, and the only one I can find is Pendleton, which is an area of Salford, Manchester - home to some more of my Cawson family.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Portsea, Hampshire, England. My grandson's 5th great grandparents, Joseph Ridgway and Abigail Bethell, were born in Portree - he c1800 and she c1797 - per census records. He was a metal worker. I have not been able to take this line back any further. Their son, Joseph Ridgway, was born at Portsea c1822. He spent most of his life living in and around Southampton, where he sold musical instruments and taught music and dancing.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Pontefract, Yorkshire, England. My ancestor, William Todd, was baptized 1593 at Pontefract. He married Katherine Ward there in 1614. Their son, Christopher Todd, was baptized there in 1617. In 1637 Christopher Todd boarded the ship "Hector" and sailed to Boston, Massachusetts. He later moved to Connecticut where he spent the remainder of his life.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Palgrave, Suffolk, England. My ancestor, Margaret Hunting, a widow, was buried at Palgrave 8 October 1574. I have not been able to determine the names of her husband and parents. Her son, Roger Hunting, married Jane Leche at Palgrave 27 July 1567, and their son, William, was baptized there 2 July 1570.
    Sylvia Steel Hackers   I meant to say P for Penzance in Cornwall
    Margaret Frank  I.m hoping we are on Q by now as Graham's Grandad, George William Silversides lived at Qusquo Cottages at Carlton near Selby with his parents[1881 census]
    Katie Chambers   Queensferry, Flintshire - not strictly ancestrally linked but live near the town now and went to school there between the ages of 5 and 8 :)
    The Brickwall Club  OK, R today ... hopefully a bit easier than Q!!! Mine is Reedham in Norfolk, home to my Gosling and Nichols lines.
    Reedham Church 
    Katie Chambers   Rye in Sussex and Rotherham in Yorkshire
    Moon Lustie Ranworth, Norfolk - another one of the villages that my Evans family came from http://www.tournorfolk.co.uk/ranworth.html 
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England. My ancestor, John Hulins, made his will at Rodborough in 1638/9. His daughter, Margaret Hulins, married Thomas Bliss, and they resided in Rodborough in the early years of their marriage. Thomas and Margaret Bliss emigrated to America with their children c1638, settling in Connecticut. I am descended from two sons, Thomas and Lawrence Bliss. One of Thomas and Margaret's daughters, Mary (Bliss) Parsons, was tried as a witch in 1674, but acquitted. Thomas and Margaret Bliss have famous descendants, among whom are: John Wayne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Orville and Wilbur Wright.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Rolvenden, Kent, England. My ancestors, Simon Branch and Alice Stokes, were married at Rolvenden in 1585. Simon Branch was buried there in 1614.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Ripon, Yorkshire, England. My ancestor, Marmaduke Horseman, was baptized there in 1598/9.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Rayleigh, Essex, England. My ancestor, John Powlter/Poulter made his will there in 1638/9. His widow, Mary, married 2) John Parker and they emigrated to America shortly thereafter, settling in Massachusetts.
    Margaret Frank  Riccall for a lot of the Silversides in Grahams family.Its near Selby in Yorkshire and I have a photo of an ancestor's grave in St Mary's church.
    Margaret Frank  I have Spondon in Derbyshire, Southport in Lancashire and Sheffield in Yorkshire. Only Spondon was strictly a village in the true sense.
    The Brickwall Club  Salford, a part of Manchester where some of my more notorious Cawson clan lived. http://www.mancuniensis.info/index.htm
    Katie Chambers Sheffield :) Where my dad went to school :)
    Lesley Powell Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, where my husband's paternal family came from in c1740 - and I can't get any farther back than that! BTW, I seem to have missed lots of letters, so have missed putting on some of my other places.
    Moon Lustie OMW, hope you've got lots of space as I've got 8 places: St Giles in the Fields (London); St Saviour Southwark (London); South Norwood (London); Slateford (Scotland); Sundridge (Kent); Sevenoaks (Kent); Sydenham (Kent); South Walsham (Norfolk)
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  My "S" places are: Southwark, Surrey (Dickerman and Sims ancestors), Sudbury, Suffolk (Saunders ancestors), and Stowmarket, Suffolk (Blodgett Ancestors). These ancestors all emigrated to America in the 1630's.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Southampton, Hampshire, England: My grandson's 2nd great grandfather, Joseph Ridgway, was born at Southampton in 1882. He was the fourth in a line of Joseph Ridgways, all of whom lived in Southampton at one time or another. Joseph Ridgway (the fourth one, b. 1882) was a merchant seaman. He emigrated to Staten Island, New York, c1900 and sailed for many years between the US and Central and South America. Family tradition states that he was killed when he was caught between the ship and a pier. I have been trying to find when and where this dreadful accident happened, and where he was buried. The last record I have of him was the 1930 census.
    Rebel Hand  Salford for me, too - Sarah Marshall, transported thief (and notorious ghost, but that's another story
    The Brickwall Club  Stalham ... home of lots of my Flowerdays!!
    The Brickwall Club  "T" for today (literally!!!) ... mine are Teynham, Kent (Creed) and Tovil, nr. Maidstone, Kent (Brooks).
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  My "T" places are: Terling, Essex (Robinson, Finch, Birchard, and Orvice/Orvis ancestors), and Thrandeston, Suffolk (Hunting and Randolf/Randolph ancestors). These ancestors came to New England in the 1630's.
    Lesley Golden my t places are Thurnscoe, south yprks where i was born, and tankersley, nr barnsley where i got my first lead that started me on the ancestry trail of my maiden name Hudson
    Moon Lustie My T's are Taunton, (Devon) - my father's family have a lot of naval connections and they married girls from coastal towns and one Tulse Hill (London) but only one time on a census I think.
    Margaret Frank I missed out Tadcaster for my 2x gt gf in the T posts
    The Brickwall Club  "U" today ... am struggling to find any. All I can come up with is Upper York Street, in Marylebone, where my Great Great Uncle and Aunt, Edmund and Elizabeth Peet, lived in the mid-1800's
    .Moon Lustie   My only U is Uxbridge but I think it just maybe one entry on a census, it's not a memorable one.
    Judy Powell Uphall in West Lothian was the birthplace in 1824 of my 2xggm.It's about 14 miles from Edinburgh.
    The Brickwall Club   Wimbledon (Preedy), Whitechapel (Masters), Wanborough (Preedy) and West Kensington (Rushmer).
    Vel Hier Warminster, Wiltshire where I grew up.
    Rosslyn Gallagher Wangord cum Henham for Charles Hurren.
    Rosslyn Gallagher Wiltshire for my Nutley ancestors (Collingbourne Kingson).
    Dianne Prior Wheldrake, Yorkshire for a large amount of my Binns, Hartas and Prentice family members
    Jane Jeffries my great grandfather thomas charles married mary anne vavser in Warwickshire in aston in St peters and St pauls church in about 1881 ,he was thomas charles sherratt.
    Margaret Frank Have one tiny twiglet in Grahams family who lived in Wistow which is the next village along from Cawood where Grahams grandparents lived. Both villages are twixt York and Selby. Bet there will be no X,s tomorrow. Roll on Thursday for Y.
    Lesley Powell Wilton and Wymondham both in Norfolk, Weston under Penyard, Hereford and West Malling, Kent. I wonder if I've remembered all my Ws.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Wickford, Essex, England. My Reade ancestors were living in this town before 1533. William Reade made his will at Wickford in 1533, and his son, Roger, made his will there in 1557. Roger Reade's son was baptized there in 1538, and his son, Edmund, in 1563. Edmund Reade married Elizabeth Cooke at Wickford in 1594. Edmund and Elizabeth Reade are the ancestors of US Senator John Kerry.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Waltham Abbey, Essex, England. My ancestor, Richard Hovey, was buried at Waltham Abbey in 1653. His son, Daniel Hovey, was baptized at Waltham Abbey in 1618. He came to America as a young man and settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. He and his wife are the ancestors of US President Rutherford B. Hayes and the American poet, Richard Hovey.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. My ancestors, Thomas Richardson and Katherine Duxford, were married there in 1590 and spent the remainder of their lives there. They have many famous descendants including Canadian Prime Minister Richard Bennet, Susan B. Anthony, and the following US Presidents: Franklin Pierce, Calvin Coolidge, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush.
    Margaret Quivey DeMarco  My other "W" places are: Widford (Eliot), Wickford (Lake, Reade, Cooke), Wendover (Jewson, Phillips, and Kipping), and Wrentham (Paine).
    Sylvia Steel Hackers I have Whickham St Mary my old Sunday school & the old Parish for Swalwell & surrounding areas reg district is Gateshead.
    Sylvia Steel Hackers I forgot to ad Whorlton old Parish Church. My Smith ancestors were of Swainby a very beautiful place in North Yorkshire I believe Whorlton Church is in ruins but on special occasions the locals hold open air services there
    Moon Lustie Weymouth - lots of naval ancesters!
    Jenny Nelson A few days late as I've been away but mine are Woolwich, Kent, Wanstrow, Witham Friary, and Wedmore in Somerset and Winterbourne St Martin ,Dorset (hubby's family ).
    Margaret Frank  I thought long and hard for last two weeks over Y is for? Of course it is York. The premier City of Yorkshire.  http://www.imagineyork.co.uk/ 
    The Brickwall Club  Y for today - had trouble finding any, apart from lots of ancestors coming from Yorkshire. Oh, and can I count Great Yarmouth (Holmes)??
    Vel Hier Don't have it in my Ancestry, but close to where I grew up was Zeals in Wiltshire.
    Canpeg Deb and there is Zeehan, in Tasmania :) or New Zealand ;)
    Vivian Diane Thomas My4xgreat grandfather was called zacarahia and i'm researching in the zennor area in penwith cornwall
    Suzanne Hartley I think ther might be a town in Tasmania that starts with Z I cant think of it at the moment Frances Thew Would it be Zeehan?
    Catherine Skeet Zeal Monachorum in Devon.