Pocklington Grammar School

Endowed Grammar School:
"The Endowed Grammar School, on West green, was originally connected with a guild in the parish church, called " the Society of Brethren of the Name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin & St. Nicholas of Pocklington",  the seal of which, together with an ancient silver cocking bell, belonging to the school, is still reserved. The guild was founded by John Dolman LL.D. archdeacon of Suffolk (one of a family who were for centuries lords of the manor of Pocklington), in the 6th year of Henry VIII. (24th May, 1514); & when
subsequently, in the reign of that monarch, all such guilds were suppressed, the property originally left to the guild was preserved by the exertions of the founder's family for the benefit of the school: the Master & Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, under the arrangement then made, appointed the master of the school, who, in turn with the church wardens, appointed the usher; and the master & usher together formed a corporation, called the " Corporation of Master & Usher of the Free Grammar School of Pocklington." Attached to or connected with the school are the following scholarships & exhibitions:—1, Four Dowman exhibitions each of £40 yearly and tenable for 3 years at St. John's College, Cambridge; 2, the Bishop Crewe exhibition of £40 yearly, tenable for two years at Oxford University and open to boys from the Grammar schools of Daventry & Pocklington; 3, the Worsley augmentation fund, founded by Miss Worsley, of Clifton, for the augmentation of open scholarships obtained by boys on leaving and transferred hither from Daventry school; 4, the Ackroyd exhibition of £50 for 3 years at either Oxford or Cambridge, may be competed for by boys from this school; 5, the Ann Watson exhibitions of £25 each yearly & tenable for 2 years at any university, are similarly open; 6, three County Council scholarships of £60 yearly each, tenable for 2 years, by natives of or residents in the East Riding, at the Yorkshire College, Leeds, Firth College, Sheffield, Owen's College. 
Manchester, the Royal College of Science, South Kensington, or any other college 'or university approved by the County Council; 7, exhibitions established by the governors at any place of higher education, or of scientific or professional training.
The following are tenable only at the school:—1, Eight local exhibitions for day boys, each of the yearly value of £7 10s. ; 2, foundation scholarships for boarders, of £20 each yearly, awarded by examination; 3, ten house scholarships, five senior & five junior, of £20 each yearly; 4, Worsley augmentation fund, founded & transferred as above, for increasing scholarships tenable at the school; 5, a limited number of entrance scholarships of £20 each & of exhibitions of £15
The revenues of the school arise mainly from land situated in various parts of. the East Riding, & amount to about £1,000 a year. The Rev. T. Shields B.I); who became head master in 1807, succeeded in considerably augmenting the income of the school, & in 1818 commenced the rebuilding of the school & master's house, eventually completed in 1848 by the Rev. F. J. Gruggen M.A. : in 1875 the Endowed Schools Commissioners completely re-organized the management of the schools & transferred the patronage from St. John's College to a governing board of 12 members. Under the management of the late master, the Rev. Charles Gilrnour Wiikinson M.A. of Pembroke CollegeCambridge, the school considerably increased in numbers. During 1890-91 a gymnasium, chemical laboratory, infirmary & other buildings have been erected, & there are now (1896) about 140 boys; head master, Rev. Charles Frederick Hutton M.A. of St. John’s College, Cambridge; .John Lambert Brown, D. T. Picton Davies, Robert Johnson M.A. T. Kirby B.A. C. B. McKee B.A. Edward Caldecot Marsh B.A. Percy M. Stewart B.A. & Leonard Victor Wright B.A, Assistant masters."(Kelly's Directory, 1897)

Schola Pocklingtonensis  A Joanne Dolman
Utriusque iuris doctore
Suffolciae Archidiacono
Fundata A.D.MDXIV
Impensis Frederici Jacobi Gruggen A.M.
Instaurata est A.D. MDCCCL
Hoc qualecunque
Avitae in municipes suos
Monimentum munificentiae
Joannes Thomas Dolman M.D.

"The School of Pocklington, founded in A.D. 1514 by John Dolman, Doctor of both kinds of law, Archdeacon of Suffolk, was erected anew in A.D. 1850 at the expense of Frederick James Gruggen, Master of Arts.  This humble memorial to his ancestor's munificence towards his fellow-townsmen was placed and established by John Thomas Dolman, M.D."

School Masters:
Adam Lockwood  (pre-1551 - 1558?)                      Anthony Ellison  (1558? - 1581)                  Robert Fawcett  (1581 - 1598)
James Nelson  (1598 - 1600)                                      Martin Briggs  (1600 - 1613)                         Richard Elcock  (1613 - 1624)
James Sotheby  (1624 - 1630)                                    Robert Sedgwick  (1630 - 1650)                  Edward Lluellin  (1650 - 1657)
Rowland Greenwood  (1657 - 1660)                        John Clarke  (1660 - 1664)                            Thomas Ellison  (1664 - 1693)
Thomas Dwyer  (1693 - 1698)                                     Miles Farrar  (1698 - 1702)                          John Foulkes  (1704 - 1709)
John Drake  (1709 - 1714)                                            Joseph Trebell  (1714 - 1716)                     Christopher Lantrew  (1716 - 1717)
John Baker  (1717 - 1740)                                            Robert Robinson  (1740 - 1749)                Edward Birckbeck  (1749 - 1754)
Rev. Kingsman Baskett  (1754 - 1807)                    Rev. Thomas Shield  (1807 - 1848)           Rev. Frederic James Gruggen  (1848 - 1872)
Rev. Chas Gilmour Wilkinson  (1872 - 1884)        Rev. Herbert London  (1884 - 1889)         Rev. Charles F. Hutton  (1889 - 1910)
George Haydn Keeton  (1910 - 1914)                       Percy Cooper Sands  (1914 - 1944)            Robert St.John Pitts-Tucker  (1945 - 1966)
Guy Longfield Willatt  (1966 - 1980)                       
(List compiled from 'A History of Pocklington School, 1514-1980, by P.C. Sands, M.A., C.M. Haworth, M.A. and J.H. Eggleshaw, M.A.

Pocklington Grammar School took part in the first rugby match to be played in Pocklington, on 12th November 1879.

Further details about the match and about rugby in Pocklington may be found here: http://www.pocklingtonhistory.com/archives/people/sport/rugby/index.php