Queen Street School, York

(The school may have been called Micklegate Voluntary Primary School)
The following news article was kindly submitted by Margaret Frank, who kept the cutting from a local paper.  The article was published circa 1998, and the photograph dates to 1930.  Margaret's Uncle is pictured in the group.
Those Were the Days at York School
More than 60 years ago the Queen Street School, York, closed down and eventually was demolished, the pupils being transferred to other schools in the district.  In my case, I was transferred to Knavesmire Higher Grade School in South Bank, York.
The school comprised four classrooms of which only three were normally in use.  The staff consisted of Mr. Somerset, the headmaster, Mr Fawcett and Miss Williams.
Above is a photograph from those days and I wonder if there are some of the old boys still alive?  The youngest would be in my age group (I am 72 years old) and I would be pleased to hear from any of them.  The original photograph was taken by Thwaites the photographers of Mickelgate, York.
Those whose names I can remember are as follows:
Back row:  Miss Williams, Findlay, Briggs, Waite, Excelby, Cooper, Eastwood, ??, ??, Marshall, Meek, Mr Somerset
Middle row:  ? ?, Archer, Cobb, Hill, Shaw, Horsman, Lancaster, ??, Smart, Barker, Walker
Front row:   Clough, Johnson, ??, Allenby, ??, Ordish, Toynbee, Ringrose
During playtime, visitors to York walking along the bar walls used to throw coins down into the schoolyard for us youngsters to scramble for.  It was a rare old sight until the bell went for 'back to lessons'.
The original photograph has travelled many miles with me, to Palestine, India, the Middle East and Norway, during my service with the Regular Army which I joined in 1935 due to the unemployment situation existing in York in that year.  I have never regretted it and feel that the Services offer the finest opportunity for the young men of today as a career, but the qualifications required now are much higher than they were in my younger days.  They are all specialists now and maybe this is a good thing.  
I still have contact with two sisters and a host of nephews and nieces in and around York and occasionally manage to make a visit to my home town from time to time.
D.E. Horsman, Co. Durham.