My Wall; 4th great grandfather John Morison married Agnes Livingston 17/12/1796 Tranent, Midlothian, searching for his birth about 1775.
John Bartoszyński Morrison
Trying to find out what happened to this family after 1866.
John McPherson bC 1827 son of Donald Mcpheron and Anne McIntosh, Madelena (Medley) Main bc1830 dau of William Main and Maelina Maine. Married 7 May 1852, childres Donald/Daniel, william, Ann, James,Madelina (my g grandma), John, and David. David lived and died in 1866. Father reported both occasions. And that it is - cannot find parents after that date. Children all accounted for - adopted out or working elsewhere. Childrens marriage certs suggest John died between 1883 -5, Madelena could still have been alive at that time. Anyone got any ideas, no records in SRO that i have found, no local memorial inscriptions? help please.
Fiona Crawford
Looking for information regarding a James CRIGHTON (CRICHTON) born about 1916/7, I would think in Scotland, he was in the Gordon Highlanders (Drummer), army number 2877332 in 1940. All info would be most welcomed.
Bernie Ratcliffe
Hi there, I have a block (Brickwall) in my McKay Line of the Family Tree. My Granny's parents were, James McKay who married Annie McKay, his cousin. James's Mother was Margaret McKay (MacKay). On Jame's Marraige & Death Certificate whic I sources at NRH, there is No Father's name present, & I am unable to source his Birth Records. Annies Parents were, John McKay & Robina Crum. I am led to believe thru the Cert's that I have, that Margaret & John were born in Peebles. Also unable to source's Robina's Death records....I'm still not giving up but will continue to search but if anyone has any info in the meantime, I would be a very happy man thanks....
The dates I have are as follow's:-
Grandmother Martha Gibson McKay B 15.08.1883 in Riccarton/Castleton Roxburghshire D 18.05.1973 in Galashiels, Selkirkshire
G Grandfather James McKay B abt 1849 in Traquhair, Peebleshire D 10.06.1930 in Riccarton/Castleton Married his cousin Annie McKay B Abt 1844 in Roslin/Lasswade, Midlothian D 10.01.1896 in Riccarton/Castleton
GG Grandmother (James's mother) Margaret McKay details unkown (possibly Peebleshire) Her Brother John B Abt 1803 in Peebleshire M Robina Crum in Carnwath in Oct 1841... Any help would be greatly recieved & appreciated thanks. 
Keith T. Oliphant

John ROSS, bn Scotland, early 1700s

John Ross, born in Scotland in early 1700s. Went to Quebec in the British military in the 28th Foot Regiment. Trying to find a roster of the regiment to trace his roots in Scotland. Thank you!  Margaret Uprichard
I am Researching Robert McIlvaine we think he was an Illegitimate son to John McIlvaine and Elizabeth born 12-3-1699 in Kirkoswald Parish Ayrshire Scotland.The age and timeline fit.He died in Donegal Ireland,Parish of Sisson,(Murdered) in 1721 with his unknown wife,his sons William, John and Daniel,were unharmed.we know Daniel was 19 in 1740 when he left Ireland.making his birth year 1721,our records say he was an infant at the time of the Murders.Daniel went to school in Dublin we figure 1730-1740.We have no records of Daniel,Robert, the unknown mother,or Elizabeth Cummins from 1699- 1740 I am a descendant of Daniel McIlvaine, He first settled in Boston, then Moved to Windham NH USA about 1747 or 1748.Looking for the Irish and Scottish records.If you can help bust this brickwall that would be great. Janice McIlvin Grant.
Hi, i have a brickwall i would appreciate help with, my Great Grandfather Isaac Blyth was born 10th May 1850 (if i have the correct Baptism Records)) and died 1928 aged 78, the Baptism Records i have list Charles blyth and Margaret Brown as his parents, and that seems right as i have a Birth Cup inscribed Charles Blyth Born 24th November 1819 which i was told belonged to my GG Grandfather, but i't find a birth Record for Isaac or any records for Charles or Margaret which fit the 1819 date, i was kindly sent a Marriage Certificate for a Charles Blyth who married a Margaret Brown in 1855 which i thought was going to help, but the Charles Blyth on that Certificate was born in 1825 which makes him too young to be the Charles i am looking for, can anyone help?  Sarah Faa

William McKAY m Jean McDONALD, early 1800's, Port Skerra, Sutherland

My sister and I are looking for relatives and possible photographs from 2 sides of our Scottish ancestors. All photos and other family heirlooms were lost by the family in 1893 in a flood at Brisbane, QLD Australia. They are: Mckays (William and Jean (ms McDonald ) from Port Skerra, Sutherland, but probably originally from villages on the Strathnaver river in far northern Scotland. Their son John... born 1832 was our grt grandfather. We dont know what happened to his brother Donald born c 1835 and his sister Henrietta born c 1834. The other line are Mansons from Thurso, Caithness and originally from Olrig area ( Croxster and Garth), Caithness, far northern Scotland . Direct descendant David Manson died 1862, brother of Andrew Manson, Town Clerk of Thurso and the School board until c 1904.  Thank you for any information.  Caroline Smith
I am also trying to locate the birth and childhood of another ancestor, John McPHEE. His first appearance is in Dalmellington, AYRSHIRE in the 1851 Scottish Census where he is working as a Farm labourer. I have every possible minute of his life AFTER this in documented form, certificates, shipping records etc.  What I don't know is where he was born and raised... all subsequent records say he was b...orn in 1833, but only ever say Scotland. His father is listed as James a couple of times on certificates, which matches with the Scottish naming system as his first son was also named James. Going by the same system, it can be assumed his mother's name was Mary, although nothing else gives any clue as to the truth.  He married Agnes SMITH in 1854 in Dalmellington and emigrated to Australia in 1857/58 aboard the DAVID MCIVER. I just can't find his birth and definite parents... can anybody help?  Ash 'Detroit' McPhee
Welcome to a brick wall of mine which has been bugging me for a while.
I am trying to trace back from my 4 X Great Grandfather Robert Allanach who died aged 65 on Mar 6 1856 in Upperton, Glenbucket, Aberdeen and is buried in Glenbuchat
Churchyard, Glenbuchat, Aberdeen. According to his death cert his parents were John Allanach, Crofter (deceased) and Sophia Allanach M.S. McHardy (deceased). Informant was Alexander Allanach, son, present.
CHILDREN of a John Allanach born in Strathdon around the same time as my Robert:
Robert Allanach - Christened May 21 1791 Strathdon, Aberdeen, IGI shows father as John Allanach, no mother named.
I have given details of further children I have found for a John Allanach in Strathdon, mother's name only mentioned for one of them.
John Allanach - Christened Dec 07 1776 Strathdon, Aberdeen, IGI shows father as John Allanach, no mother named.
Alexander Allanach - Christened Apr 23 1783 Strathdon, Aberdeen, IGI shows father as John Allanach, no mother named. I have this Alexander in the 1841 census aged 55 in Glenconry, Strathdon, Aberdeen with a Helen Allanach aged 60 (not sure if this is his wife or not as I can't find a marriage. I haven't managed to find a death for Alexander yet.
Jean Allanach – Christened Apr 25 1786 Strathdon, Aberdeen. I have found an 1855 death cert which I believe may be for this Jean: Son Robert Dawson is the informant and her parents are showing as John Allanach, Crofter, deceased and Sophia Dow, deceased.
George Allanach – Christened Jul 3 1793 Strathdon, Aberdeen, IGI shows father as John Allanach and mother as Sophia McComish – no further information found.
I have Robert on the 1841 census aged 50, born Aberdeenshire and on the 1851 census aged 60 born Aberdeenshire - Strathdon.
Robert married Mary Hay (Parents Adam Hay and Elizabeth Ogg) on 09 July 1815 in Cabrach, Aberdeen and they went on to have the following children:
Sophia - Nov 1 1815 Letterfury, Cabrach, Aberdeen
John - Sep 28 1817 Letterfury, Cabrach, Aberdeen
Elizabeth - Apr 5 1819 Letterfury, Cabrach, Aberdeen
Ann - Aug 5 1821 Letterfury, Cabrach, Aberdeen
Helen - Mar 25 1823 Letterfury, Cabrach, Aberdeen
Robert - May 25 1825(c) Glenbucket, Aberdeen
Mary - Oct 14 1827(c) Glenbucket, Aberdeen
Alexander - Feb 2 1830(c) Glenbucket, Aberdeen
Jean - Sep 15 1832(c) Glenbucket, Aberdeen
William - Jun 2 1835 Glenbucket, Aberdeen
Several websites I have found give Robert’s parents as Duncan Allanach and Sophia Glass. If the couple were to follow the Scottish naming pattern then Robert and Mary should have had a child named Duncan, which they never did, but then again they never had one called Adam either (well not that I have found so far), but interestingly their eldest 2 children are Sophia and John.
I need help finding any information at all on John Allanach and Sophia McHardy/McComish. I have also found information that says that in the early to mid 1700’s both the Allanachs and the McHardys may have used the name Stuart/Stewart or vice versa. I also have heard that McComish could be Thomson, or McThomas.
What’s In a Name website gives Rebecca, Beatrice and Beatrix as lesser synonyms for Sophia. There is a marriage for a John Allanach and Beatrice McHardy on 18 DEC 1760 in Strathdon, Aberdeen. The names would fit nicely but I don’t believe a couple would be married 16 years before having a child (John - Christened Dec 07 1776 Strathdon, Aberdeen) and still having children in 1793 (George – Christened Jul 3 1793 Strathdon, Aberdeen). Unless there are earlier children but just not recorded on IGI.   Lynn Mackay 
We have spent a few years trying to find parental and birth info about Margaret Kid (Kidd, Kyd) born c1748 Edinburgh Scotland .

She married John Steell b c1744 Edinburgh in 1769. Margaret is the mother of John Steell Jnr b 6 Jan 1770 Edinburgh.

A number of other people have also run into this same brickwall. Can any one help us?

B.J. Hoey, South Australia
My Gt.Gt. Grandmother was born in Scotland in 1816, she was called Margaret Campbell, her father was Alexander Campbell, Other than her year and place of birth, I have no info on ...her, prior to her coming to live in Rochdale, Lancs. The M job is mother in her case, she was married twice, and my gt grandfather was the last and only child of her second marriage to George Moss, my gt gt grandfather who was a miner, he was a widower. She brought up a child from his previous marriage, and appeared to have grandchildren also in her care, as well as the children from her first marriage. They appear to have been a close family, all living together in certain combinations each census!  Chris Goodlad