King's College, Taunton, Somerset

 Kings College, Taunton, 1902
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I work at Kings College, Taunton, thats over 200 years old and has been a boarding school for that long l think!! There are sports plaques up in the dining hall dating way back.
There is a very indepth history about Kings on wikipedia. built in 1880. The plaques l mentioned the other day in the dining hall date back to 1895 i saw today. No doubt they have older ones buried away some where. It is a fascinating place to work. in the main school there are still some original features, you can imagine what life was like there. And infact when l have worked Summer School, we have had 'old boys' come in to stay who tell amazing stories. Its great.
I work in Tuckwell House one of the Boarding houses, the only thing l remember really was how before the boarding houses were on site, the 'old boys' said they had to walk up the road to the then boarding houses. To the very left of the pictures and way beyond were the sites of the old houses. Which in todays climate alone is too far, let alone back then. The site was once the original Taunton Race course so l'm told. And down on the main field there are houses that back on to the field which still have original cider apple trees, ( just this autumn l was picking up wind falls). The houses that back onto the field were connected some how to kings. As was the convent on South Road, Taunton. Which was until 2006 still part of Kings as a boarding building. I started work in the convent/ boarding houses 10 years ago, and l can tell you l would not want to sleep there!!!! ( they are now posh apartments- complete with the odd ghostly nun l have no doubt).
There is a book about the convent by some one called Rosemary Berry which has original photos of the building. From what l gather from fellow collegues the boarders all loved the convent, away from the main school l guess. Again like the main school you could imagine life there as a scholar. In Tuckwell as with the boys house next door we have photos along the walls of old boys. I even found on one a matron/ mistress called J Simmonds!! dont think she's related to me. I find them fascinating. And have to say think some of the 'old boys' would turn in their graves if they could see the boarders etc now!!! ( i will say no more about todays boys!!!!)
Julie Simmons