St Lawrence National School, York


Margaret Frank

Sadly this column and gate is the only piece of my old School St Lawrence C of E primary left standing, though these days there is a modern building about half a mile away.To the right is the St Laurence Church To the left over the wall is a bus depot and new housing where our Girls playground used to be The boys and infant playground is a car park.  Guess it was built pre 1900 as my uncles and aunt were born circa 1910 and I am sure it was established then .The church in its present form has certainly been there from Victorian times and there is still an old Norman tower from the original St Laurence Church.


Many thanks to Margaret Frank for submitting the following photographs, which were taken around 1954-6. 

The photo on the left is my class photo.  I am standing 2nd row down 4th left ,white hair ribbon,and my future husband is top row ,the young lad wearing the tie and nearly behind me.   My brother is on the picture below, 
2nd row down standing far left.         My brother is top row, 3rd from the right in the picture below left:       


This was taken about 1956, me and Graham again, a bit older than in the last one. Graham is on back row, centre. I am 2nd row down end right in white dress.

The wall just seen at the back was the one attached to the gate and column I posted yesterday.Behind that can be seen some post war "prefabs" opened by the then Princess Elizabeth in 1948.Mum took me to see her but I don't remember of course. These prefabs are long since demolished but have been replaced by older peoples sheltered bungalow type housing.  
St. Lawrence's Voluntary Primary Schools.
St. Lawrence's National School was opened in 1872 in a new building in Lawrence Lane behind St. Lawrence's Church. The cost was £2,300; National Society and government grants were received. There were three schoolrooms and two classrooms, with places for 428 boys, girls and infants. Fees were from 2d. to 6d.  An annual government grant was first received in 1873. The average attendance was then 235. In 1878 accommodation for 250 more children was added. In 1910 the average attendance was 249 in the boys', 200 in the girls', and 230 in the infants' departments. There were only two departments in 1932: junior mixed and infants.  In 1936 the average attendance was 580.  The schools were continued as voluntary aided primary schools after 1950; 230 were enrolled in the junior and 120 in the infants' schools in 1956. 
From: 'Schools and colleges', A History of the County of York: the City of York (1961), pp. 440-460. URL: 
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