Tirril Lodge School

Thank you to Margaret Frank for kindly submitting the following census entry:
‎1851 Census 
West Ward/Lowther 
Forename(s) Surname Rel. Age Occupation County & Place of Birth 
Tirril Lodge [School] Folio 238 page 1 
Thomas Unthank R Gibson H U 32 Vicar of Barton & Schoolmaster WES 
Edward Gibson Pupil 19 Scholar WES Orton
Theodore Bristow Pupil 14 Scholar WES 
Thomas Parker Pupil 17 Scholar NBL Chalton
Charles Parker Pupil 15 Scholar NBL Chalton
Mathew Darling Pupil 10 Scholar NBL Melton House
John Joseph James Pupil 13 Scholar NBL Brandon
Timothy Fetherstonhaugh Pupil 10 Scholar WES Kirkoswald
Daniel Laidman Pupil 15 Scholar LAN Bootle
Thomas Bell Pupil 14 Scholar CUL Inglewood House
Richard Haughton Pupil 15 Scholar LAN Liverpool
William Wilson Pupil 15 Scholar CUL Armbroth
Richard Ainsworth Pupil 9 Scholar SSX Seaford
John Joseph Cachust Pupil 13 Scholar WES St Johns Vale
George Unsworth Pupil 11 Scholar LAN Liverpool
Thomas Atkinson Pupil 9 Scholar CUL 
George Armstrong Pupil 15 Scholar SRY Peckham
Philip Haughton Pupil 13 Scholar LAN Liverpool
Henry Haughton Pupil 12 Scholar CHS High Broughton
Francis Atkinson Pupil 11 Scholar NBL Newbiggin
Samuel Jacques Serv 16 House servant IOM Laxey
Hannah Harrison Serv U 29 House servant WES Kirkby Thore
Elizabeth Maxwell Serv U 28 House servant CUL Low Hesket
Elizabeth Nixon Serv U 19 House servant WES Thorpe
Jane Fenwick Serv U 24 House servant WES Reagill