Hello Everyone,  I think this is a brilliant idea, but I fear that I might have a brick wall that is impossible to knock down.                       I was trying to trace the paternal line of a friend of mine, but alas my friend never knew his father, so the only information we have to go on is from his parents' marriage certificate, which details that his parents married in Cardiff in the late 1950s. His father was (unfortunately) called Peter Phillips and was born sometime between Aug 1932 and Aug 1933. Peter's father was Robert John Phillips and was a coal hewer.   I thought that because of the location of the marriage and his father's profession that there might be a Welsh connection. Alas, a search I commissioned at the General Register Office (using Wales as the place of birth) turned up no birth certificate for Peter. My friend seems to think that Peter might have served in a Gloucestershire regiment at some point, but isn't 100% certain.  Only other tip is that Robert John Phillips is not listed as deceased on the marriage certificate, so may (possibly) have still been alive in 1957. I don't intend to set my friend and Peter up for a reunion (if Peter is still alive) as I think this may be a sensitive area, but it would be nice if my friend could learn a bit more about his paternal ancestry.  Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to attempt this.                                                                                                                                                                Elizabeth Bond
Apologies for my waffle before I begin! I am looking for my Gt Grandmother Mary Keightry, born abt 1886. My great uncle says in Wales, but I am unable to find any record for any Keightry other than her wedding to Thomas Joseph Ryan in Tuam, Galway 1916 and references for 5 of her 10 childrens births in Galway too. Her eldest child, my grandad was born in Leigh, Lancashire Oct 1916 and it seems his... parents moved to Galway after his birth. I have found her death certificate (moved back to England after the death of her husband I think) but can not find a birth. I am presuming that the name has been mispelt or possibly that she wasn't born in Wales but in Ireland. Would love some help with this one, have had great success researching my dads side but struggling to get any new info on my mums. Many thanks in advance.
Claire Gray
Also searching for confirmation I might have the right GRO marriage indexes for John Thomas/Elizabeth Anne Edwards and Daniel Jones/Margaret Thomas. I have John and Elizabeth on the 1881/1891 censuses (John was dead and Elizabeth remarried between 1891/1901); and Daniel and Margaret on the 1881/1891/1901/1911. The 1911 shows Daniel as a Widow but having been married 39 years. I am wondering whether he meant 39 years' marriage completed before Margaret died or has he kept counting? If he did mean the former, it would put the marriage at around 1871/2, which fits with the birth of their eldest child, William, who is aged 8 on the 1881 census.  Katie Chambers
Does anyone have any ideas how I can crack this nut to find my greatgrandfather's parent(s): Thomas (Tom) George Williams b 1879 in Gowerton, Gorseinon or maybe not...... apparently Tom may have been illegitimate but my greataunt threw away a lot of papers about him when she discovered this. He was probably born Thomas George and could be from anywhere in S Wales. By the time he married my ggrand...mother he was Thomas George Williams and this is on both the marriage and death certs. I have found him in the 1911 census and some possibles in previous censuses but don't know how to go about confirming whether Thomas George became Thomas George Williams! Any help would be most appreciated as dad and I have been working on this for a while :) x  Sara Jones
Hi, I've just found your page.  I'm trying to pin down the birth of Joseph Lloyd born 1853/1854 Rhyl, Flintshire. Parents William Lloyd an innkeeper in Llynclys, Shropshire and Elizabeth Roberts also Shropshire born. The census reports state he was born in Rhyl but we do not know why the family would have been there. He died in 1899 age 45 according to the death certificate and lived in Llynclys/L...lanyblodwel area. He married Elizabeth Jones in 1889 (marriage certificate says he was aged 37) and had 3 children. If he was born whilst the family was visiting/holidaying in the area, it could be he was baptised back at home in Shropshire but have not been able to find a record of this.  Any ideas?  Jan Lloyd